Your Chance To Get Your Hands On Your Very Own Personalised Planner! (Comp Now Closed)

Personal Planner sample - Life Changing Year Prize!

I promised you guys a giveaway for all your hard work and I ALWAYS deliver!

I’ve found the most amazing planners on the internet and I want one of you to have one delivered to your home for free!

The lovely people at Personal Planner have promised one of our readers their very own personalised planner.  And wait until you see them.  Just WAIT UNTIL YOU PLAY WITH THEIR ONLINE WEBSITE!!!!!!!

I have a not-so-secret love of stationery.  If I see it, I want it.  I drool over it.  And these planners are no exception.  In fact, they are going to be my gift of choice for the rest of the year!

I don’t have a planner at the moment.  I’ve tried.  I really have.  I spent several hours a few weeks ago trying to seek out a decent one but they always have a heap of pages that are useless to me.  Until now……

If ever a planner was perfect, it would be these babies!

But don’t take my word for it, enter our competition and have your chance to win your very own.

Check out these beautiful little numbers and tell me you’re not drooling!

Personal Planner - Life Changing For Sure!

Imagine you can choose the colour of the front and back cover.  You can upload your own photograph to go on the cover.  Choose your writing and the colour of the text!  Even the positioning is changeable!  Then you choose what month you want your planner to start.  No more buying planners in March that have 3 months of wasted space!

The customisation of the pages is truly amazing.  I’ve spent hours playing with the online tool to customize my own!  At one point I got so excited clicking madly between the different colours of text that my poor old computer couldn’t take it and shut down my browser!  I know you’ll be more gentle…..

So what are some other features of these cool planners?  There’s 4 different sizes (I’m getting A5), quality cover and pages, you can personalise the inlays (choose the colours, the header, to do lists, note spaces, lines or no lines, lined pages, graph pages, SUDOKU even!!!)

There’s so much cool stuff that you really have to try it out for yourself.  Where else can you create a planner that’s a personal work of art AND choose the colour of the elastic closure?

Are you wondering what my very, very favourite feature is?  It’s the ability to personalise the dates in your planner!  Yep.  Forget that stuff you don’t care about!  You can add in all your kids birthdays, your mum’s birthday etc.  And you can save the details in case you want to make multiple planners.  (And if you know me – you know I forget everyone’s birthday – and have been known to move my child’s by a few days when he was too small to know better!!)

Honestly, playing with the online tool is the most fun I’ve had in ages.

So get on down to the little gadget below and enter our comp.  You won’t be sorry!

Here’s the rules of the game:

You need to complete the three items in the widget below.  Doing 2 out of 3 doesn’t count!  I’ve made it as easy as I can and not included 40,000 different things you have to do to quality.  Just three little steps.  Like the pages and leave a comment below.  Many of you already like our facebook page so you’re already 1/3rd there!

The prize is supplied by Personal Planner and is your very own planner to the value of $45 (Yep – you can get the biggest one!)  Postage and GST is included for the winner.  Prize will be via an email gift card that you enter into the shopping cart once you have designed your planner or notebook. (Oh, did I forget to mention they have personalised NOTEBOOKS!) The prize will be mailed to the address of your choice and will take around 3 weeks to arrive.  The winner will be announced in the afternoon on 28th February (Brisbane, Australia time) right here on Life Changing Year.

If you absolutely can’t wait until your name is announced as the winner you can check out the website for Personal Planners right here.  Make sure you’ve got yourself a drink and are settled in.  Why not personalise yourself a planner while you’re there and admire your handywork?

Here’s the widget – if you’ve never used one of these before it’s really easy.  Give it a go.  It will ask for your email address if it’s your first time using Rafflecopter.  Then, when you win I can get in touch with you!!

Good Luck Everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In the interests of full disclosure, we have received one of these personal planners to try out as well as receiving one to give away.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you know that my effusive praise is indeed a good reflection of this product and not a bought opinion!  I truly do love stationery and it would take more than a planner to make me tell lies about a product!

All photographs are the property of Personal Planner and were stolen directly from them!  If you steal them, they’ll most likely be angry.

Click here for winners details post.

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Your Chance To Get Your Hands On Your Very Own Personalised Planner! (Comp Now Closed) — 28 Comments

  1. … because every wanderlusting, sabatical planning, stationary adoring control freak needs a good & beautiful planner 😉 **jumps up and down frantically waving arms in the air** PICK ME…PICK ME… PICK ME…
    Love @mostlyvictoria

    • *I SEE YOU!*. I’ve put in a good word for you in the random person chooser!!! Enthusiasm is surely a factor in the draw? Especially for control freak, sabbatical planners!!!!

  2. After being all over the place the past 2 years and never catching up on what I plan to do, this would at least help me chart a more structured course.

    • Good idea Sara. I wish I had one of these babies while we were travelling. I may have planned ahead more than a day or two if I could have kept track! lol! Good Luck!!

    • Hey Jen – I’m sure your online business will be a raging success with or without a planner!! So excited that you entered. My eyes, fingers and toes are crossed for you to be the winner! Make sure you check out their website and have a play with the setup tool. Your mouth will be watering. Good Luck!!

  3. I need a good planner because my life is chaos. Deadlines for books, blogs and talks keep me hopping besides personal memos for birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. Gee whiz, I’d like to keep it simple.

    • Barb, I’d love to have a book deadline to manage!! How exciting! One of these planners would definitely keep you organised. I’m going to put one of our travel photographs on the front of mine to keep me motivated! Good luck with your entry!

    • Yep – I like to put stuff in my phone too. But sometimes you just want to look at all your appointments and tasks on paper, spread out in front of you! Good luck with the comp!

    • Oooh, Tammy a trip to Europe!! These planners have 8 or 10 pages in the back that you can have included as MAPS!! That’ll be so handy for you!! Stationery truly is one of my great loves!! Good Luck – I hope you win!!

  4. I found this website months ago and I played with it a little. Everything is so cool~ And I hope I can get something from the website~ 🙂 Thanks for holding the giveaway btw!

    • Thanks for dropping by. The Personal Planner website is lovely isn’t it? I’ve just been personalising my next gift to myself tonight! I like their site a lot, especially when you upload your own photos. Hopefully I’ll have some good news for you later this week! Good Luck!

    • A beautiful planner is definitely the first step to a life change Mary. Feel free to email me if you need a playmate in planning your life change! It’s kinda my thing!!

  5. I don’t have a planner. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve spent heaps and tried hard to like what I bought. But I don’t. It’s hard for someone who loves stationery as much as me. (Tracey I never knew that about you!) I’d like to have a planner.

    • Hey Teresa – good to know we are a group of stationery lovers/addicts!! You are one of the last entries – maybe it will be lucky last for you! Good luck!!

    • The going is definitely more fun than the planning! But only just!! You will truly love these planners….all those pages of maps!! Good luck. I’ll announce the winner soon!!

    • Oooh healthy changes are definitely tasks that need tracking! If you write things down you’ll have such a better rate of success! Good Luck with our planner draw and your healthy changes!!

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