You Don’t Know Shit About The World Until You Travel!

I’m sorry.  But it’s true.

Until you travel, you don’t know shit about the world!

If you keep the home fires burning and never venture out you will never realise that some places in the world have harbours where ALL THE WATER GOES OUT at low tide.

Errr…How about we don’t fish today?

Who knew?  I did not!

If you only ever learn about the world from the Discovery Channel you may be unaware that some people who live in England are capable of jumping 500 metres into the sea!!

Can anyone you know jump this far?

And after accomplishing that feat they get fined!!

Maybe you did Geography in school.  This will not prepare you for the riveting fact that condoms in Prague come with slogans!

If you stick to your own neighbourhood you will never realise that somewhere in the world someone owns a gold plated Porsche!

So shiny we could have done our makeup!!

HOLY SHIT – yes they doooooooooo!!!!

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