Why we need help choosing our path through Asia.

So we’ve loosely chosen where we will spend our life changing year in 2012.

We’ll leave Australia on or about 18 January.  We’ll spend 3 months in Asia, 3 months in the USA, 3 months in Europe and then back to the USA for the last 3 months (and stocking up on $12 jeans!!).

I’m not too worried about the 2nd phases of the trip but it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of the Asia part.  First thoughts – WOW – aren’t there a lot of choices????

How will we decide where to start and what to do?

So we need some help!  Have you travelled to South East Asia in the last few years?  Are there some places we just shouldn’t miss?  As we are travelling with 3 children (10 to 17 years) are there some places we should absolutely avoid!!  And where can we ride an elephant and feed a monkey?!?!

We don’t really need information on fancy hotels or touristy areas unless there’s something we shouldn’t miss.  We can find all that on the internet.  What we need is off-the-beaten-track stuff that isn’t going to result in our deaths!!  I’m all for home stays in little villages but only if I can’t hear gunfire at night!!!  I can do squat toilets but not if giant people-eating ants will take a bite out of my more-than-ample bottom!!  I would prefer not to have to convince a village elder that my daughters are not for sale – even for the grand price of a cow and a pig!  That would certainly be life changing for them!

Maybe I’ve seen too many movies!?!?!?!  Read too many travel blogs?!?!?!

I want us to experience the real Asia.  Food, smells (I may regret that one!), wildlife, the people.  I badly want to travel in a bus with chickens.  And risk being thrown off a train in India!

So.  If you have any information, stories etc to throw into the mix please be brave and share!!  You can leave a comment on this post or you can email me at traceypedersen@iprimus.com.au with the really juicy stuff!

I can’t wait to start making concrete plans for our first stage.  Only 129 days to go!!

Image: worradmu / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Why we need help choosing our path through Asia. — 2 Comments

  1. For a great Thai beach/island experience I highly recommend Koh Lanta. Generally speaking, the further away you get from the main city the less expensive and less crowded it will be. Gorgeous sunsets, beautiful beaches, and kid friendly (bizarrely enough there are tons of Swedish families there). I also highly recommend a jaunt into Cambodia for Angkor Wat. The roads from Thailand are really good now, so driving shouldn’t be a problem at all (not long ago those roads were horrendous!). If you want I can recommend a great, well-priced hotel in Siem Reap that is connected to a nonprofit that does awesome work with Cambodian children.

    • Thanks for your comment Keith. Any advice you can offer would be gratefully accepted!!! I’ve really got to step up the planning for this trip in the next couple of weeks! I’ve been looking at your site and the photos there are gorgeous!!!

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