Why James Bond Does His Best Shopping At Harrods!

Harrods plaque outside the store

We’ve discovered during this life changing year that James Bond most likely does his best shopping at Harrods!!  Anyone who has visited the store will know that he is probably about the only one who can afford to shop there anyway!

As soon as we arrived we wandered through the food court.  Honestly they have every type of food there!  Fish, meat, pies, pastries.  I have to confess that these items weren’t too wildly priced and they were having a 50% off sale of a lot of the fresh items as it was 7pm when we were there and they close at 8pm.  Later that night when we found ourselves at Maccas we sure wished we had bought some of those little pies!!

About the only thing that was over the top was the Caviar.  It was somewhere around $150 per 30grams!!  That’s not much Caviar!!

There’s a whole room full of confectionary in Harrods!!  My mum said you weren’t allowed to take photos in the Harrods food court.  Here’s my slightly wonky evidence that says otherwise Mum!!  Mwah, hah, hah!!  I’m such a rebel!

Harrods forbidden food court

We then wandered upstairs to check out what else there was to buy.  Well, what there was for James Bond to buy.  Cool Rolex watches, all the famous brands of handbags and shoes, sparkly jewellery and then we had a wander through the toy section on Level 3.

While Jono was busy with the toys we wandered into the Technology section.  Where we found multiple would-be James Bonds!!

What you might not know if you haven’t been to Harrods is that they have whole section where you can buy spy gadgets!  Yes, truly!  I shit you not!!

You can buy ties, rulers, pens and books with little spy cameras in them.  You can buy bullet proof vests and military watches.  Night vision goggles and vehicle tracking devices!  You name it, it’s here!!

James Bond would be completely at home with this arsenal of goodies and geeky gadgets!  The gentleman selling the high tech gadgets on the other hand kind of seemed to be in the wrong section!  He was super nice, but with a portly tummy he was no James Bond!

I could see him taking home the latest cool gadget to his long-suffering wife and then proceeding to try them out on the family dog!!

There was even a mini underwater submarine!  Yes peeps.  A submarine!!  It’s bright yellow and they had two models – 1 person or 2 person.  We told Jono that was how he was getting home to Australia!  Until we saw the price – 15000 British Pounds!!!

Holy Shit!!  We decided flying would be fine for us after all!  But not before we told Jono all the kids-have-to-swim-home jokes we could think of!

Here’s a pic to prove I’m not pulling your leg…

Spymaster Mini Submarine = Harrods

See?  Don’t you just want to get your kids one of these for Christmas?

Too bad they didn’t get the Queen and James in one of these for the Olympic opening scenes!  I could just see them sneaking through the Thames in their bright yellow sub!

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Why James Bond Does His Best Shopping At Harrods! — 6 Comments

    • Oh you missed the best stuff!! We were lucky, we only had one hour until they closed. That way we had a race through and couldn’t stay for 3 hours!! I could have stayed all day actually….!

  1. When we went there, I saw all the James Bond stuff and I immediately fell in love with the omega 007 watch so I bought one and an aston Martin DBS key memory stick. I was considering the submarine but as I love in the furthest point from the sea in England I decided not to and instead bought a speed boat.

    • Hey Frazer – I guess a speedboat is the next best thing to a personal submarine! Now if you could just get the actual car to match your Aston Martin memory stick your life will be complete!

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