Why Is It So Bloody Hard To Get A Couchsurfing Request Approved?

Today I’m wondering why it’s so bloody hard to get a Couchsurfing request approved?

I’ve made repeated attempts over the last 7 months without a single yes for us to visit.

I understand we are a big group. To cover this off I’ve only ever requested places that say they have room for 5 or more.

Maybe I don’t have something scintillating enough written in our profile. I tried to make it interesting but realistic. I think it reflects us well. Still no dice.

I haven’t requested last minute stays, I’ve offered to cook dinner one night, I’ve stressed that we are keen to get to know the host and their city – not just use their place for somewhere to crash for free!

With zero success.

Occasionally I receive an email from Couchsurfing saying they miss us and we haven’t logged in for a while. Yesterday I got another one!

So I thought I’d give it a shot and see if I could find us beds in London next week. Here’s a summary of the 40 or so profiles I looked through before I gave up.

  • One guy was a nudist and doesn’t wear clothes in the house!!
  • One person’s photo was a woman with a nazi swastika in her picture. When I went into the profile it was someone inviting people to a squat with 13 other people where eviction was any day!!                      Yes. Really.
  • One person said they were 101 years old and had been here in several lives before.
  • One person would only take others who had participated at least 10 times in the couchsurfing community so their guests would understand “the concept”.
  • One profile allowed smoking, drinking, partying and any sex you like at all times of the night and day!
  • One person said their life mission was to spread the word of god and they required their guests to pray with them!
  • Almost every other person seemed to be about 22!  And really wanted to find a playmate to party with.

From this hodge podge list of offerings I’ve come to the conclusion that no one wants us because we are either too old, or just plain too NORMAL!

I’m fascinated to discover we are too normal for something….even if it is only to be accepted by couchsurfers!

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Why Is It So Bloody Hard To Get A Couchsurfing Request Approved? — 14 Comments

        • You have to talk to The Birthday Boy about that!! We are in France until the end of the month – then watch out Denmark!!!

          • WHOA! That’s really strange. I havn’t had such an odd experience with couchsurfing. We couchsurfed on the east coast of the us and stayed with about 3 families who were very normal. We were a party of five ( 3 kids my husband and I) Could it be the areas where you are making requests? Bad Luck?

            In any case, we are in France in a city called La Garde. If you are travelling in our area, come down to visit us, you are welcome to come. We are very normal family. I swear.. 🙂
            Annie Andre recently posted..10 Common Travel Packing Mistakes To Avoid On Your Next TripMy Profile

          • Wow sounds like you had a great experience!! We are off to France next week and are lucky enough to have a friends apartment for 2 weeks while she is away!! I’ll have to look on the map to see how close you are! How awesome to catch up!!

    • Nooo, nooo, nooo! They all sound awful!! Doesn’t matter anyway. Whenever I get brave enough to send a request they say no!! If we stayed with nudists there would SO be photos!!

  1. So apparently I need to couchsurf in London! My goodness! I’ve had little luck surfing but have hosted many times. My biggest pet peeve is when they don’t even respond to the request. Sorry your experience has been crappy so far.
    Talon recently posted..Life Lessons From TurtlesMy Profile

    • London, San Fran, Prague! They’re all the same weirdos!!!! And yes it really sucks when they don’t respond!! I think I’m destined to be an eternal host but never a surfer! People will be so excited to find a fully clothed, un-reincarnated 40 year old, who allows smoking outside, a few drinks, religious freedom, an actual bed instead of a squat and a tour around town!!!! Gee, I sound so boring by comparison!!!

  2. Out of those I suggest the nudist or the religious nut. Both would be an absolute hoot! You could explain the new game of ‘Spotto’ to both of them (the concept would be slightly different for the nudist I expect)

  3. I’m on couchsurfing and so far I’ve only hosted. I assume that finding a stay is easier in less touristy places. I live in an off the track place and so I don’t get requests that often. When I lived in a capital city I got one or more a week even though I had posted that I didn’t have space. I can imagine people living in touristy places, especially the people with “normal” seeming profiles, in London RIGHT now with the Olympics are being bombarded by requests.I have hosted mostly people in their 30s usually couples or families. I just had a family of three and their dog. This is the second time we hosted someone with a dog. Don’t give up but maybe try using it more in more off the beaten track cities.

    • Oh how cool to be able to bring your dog along!! I think we are destined to be hosts forever. We are definitely looking forward to meeting other travellers once we are back home. I’ll take your advice and try again when we are somewhere a bit more remote! Hopefully no nudists will be lurking!!

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