Why is food such a big part of our travel life?


Why is food such a big part of our travel life?  Great question, thanks for asking!!

Food has always been a big part of my life and my memories.  From weekly trips to Maccas with the family since I was tiny to falling down the stairs on the way to an amazing buffet with giant king prawns and 20 different desserts!!

Really, who could forget that?  Especially when we went back there a few months later and I slipped down the very same stairs!  Such was my rush to get to those big fat prawns!

These days that amazing buffet restaurant is a stand-up comedy club.  And each time I wander down the stairs (in sensible flat shoes for a change) I think about king prawns and a choice of 20 different desserts.  This is possibly where my love for the buffet was born!

And that same love was executed royally in Las Vegas.  How could we forget the fairyfloss we got from one of the buffets?  And how fun it was to walk down the street with it like big kids and then eat it while we watched the volcano erupt outside the Mirage?

Just recently I was explaining to the kids how McDonalds used to serve boxes of fried chicken when I was a kid.  My two cousins and myself used to be taken to Maccas each week and Alexis and Micah would chow down on this enormous box of chicken – the box was nearly as big as them!

Any hour now Micah’s wife will give birth to their first child.  How time seems to have flown!  Still, I remember that chicken box like it was yesterday!

My point is that food has the ability to pinpoint events in time and to help you remember them.  The smell, the taste, the texture and how good it looks all have the ability to imprint memories on your brain of the places you have been and the interesting people you have shared meals with.  I’m guessing it must be something to do with the number of senses employed in the eating ritual.  If I wasn’t so lazy i might even google it to confirm……..

When we travel we may have less chance to cook for ourselves.  This opens up opportunities to sample the local food and catch a glimpse of the tastes and smells that make up other people’s childhood memories.  Even if we do cook, ingredients can be different to those we would use at home.  Especially if you are in a foreign country and trying to work out what the hell is in those packets!!

Anyone ever tried shopping in an Asian grocery store?  Lots of the packaging is printed all over and you can’t see through it.  There could be anything in there!!  (chicken feel anyone?) Last time we braved the store in search of Wasabi we spent half an hour looking at some odd fruit and vegetables we had never seen!  Had we been overseas we just may have purchased some to see what they were like.

For us, food is shaping up to be the second biggest expense for us behind accommodation.  If we can rely on the kindness of strangers it will be our biggest expense.  We’ve had a bit of a discussion about how to keep the expenses down……street food in Asia (with the added benefit of weight loss if we get sick!), sharing meals in America and lots of cooking (Gert will be in charge of cooking).  $300 per week is the budget for food for the 5 of us averaged over the year.  I imagine that we will get by on much less while we are in Asia and then spend a bit more once we hit Europe.

Fingers crossed that all goes to plan!!  If we have to stop feeding one of the children to save cash while we are away I’ve yet to decide which one will miss out……hear that kids……I’m watching you……!

This post was meant to be part of a 30 day project being run by bootsnall.com.  I kind of got sidetracked but now I’m catching up because it was such a good idea and I can’t bear to leave it unfinished!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

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