Why I Love Our Online Friends So Much!

Since I started this blog I’ve made a heap of online friends. Yes non-believers, FRIENDS!!

Online friends are completely different to real-life friends:

  • You comment on their blogs and they comment on yours.  You write funny stuff or make them laugh and you get an instant response.  Real-life friends are reading along but not always commenting.
  • Online friends write a personal article and you get to add your own irreverent personal comments!! (maybe that’s not QUITE what they expected!)
  • You friend each other on facebook and follow on twitter.  You join forums and facebook groups together.  There’s lots of talking about “stuff”.
  • In some cases you share the sad events in their lives – mostly because they blog about them!!
  • If you’re having a conversation with an online friend they have to tell you juicy stuff, otherwise the relationship can wain.  Imagine 10 minutes spent staring at the screen and no-one types anything?  Not exactly the stuff great friendships are built on!
  • A real-life friend shares work, social, personal dramas in a different way.  You can go to the movies and not say much and still have had an enjoyable evening with a real-life friend!  You can lie by the pool for 2 hours each reading your book and know you’ve had a good time together!  That doesn’t work online!
  • Of course sometimes you meet wierdos online.  You have the choice to dig deeper and find out if they are awesome wierdos or just plain scary.  And if they turn out to be scary – you can block them!!
  • One of the best things about online friends is that they live all over the world.  When my Aussie friends are tucked up in bed I still have playmates!!  I can message someone in Europe, Asia or the USA and get my fix of human interraction while I’m doing 10 other things at once – any modern teenager would be proud!!

It’s a whole different relationship with online friends.

And those who don’t have online friends won’t really understand how it works.  But trust me, it’s cool!

I was prompted to write this tonight because 24 completely random people that I don’t know have sent me friend requests on facebook this week.

And it amused me to find myself horrified at the thought of adding them to my friends list!  It seems even I have my limits!

(You wouldn’t think so because just days ago I added the receptionist from America’s Best Inn to my friends – but that doesn’t really count because she was CRAZY!  And I dig CRAZY!!)

Over the next couple of days I’m going to post about some of the online friends we have met while travelling.  These are other families who are also travelling or getting ready to travel.

We know a ridiculous amount about them when we meet from their blogs and it’s just like meeting an old friend!!

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Why I Love Our Online Friends So Much! — 11 Comments

  1. Even I have to admit – social media has it’s advantages. I’ve met some of the most honest, like-minded people online over the past year. That’s been great.

    See you in few weeks?!?!?!?
    Justin recently posted..A Lesson In LuckMy Profile

    • Ahhh Justin….we’ve turned you to the dark side! We met on twitter, remember? Flights are all booked – I’ll send you an email with the details.

    • Totally agree. I think I had a head start since I met Gert online years ago and we got married!! But still I love my online friends! And it’s SO exciting when you meet in person and love them just as much!!

  2. You crack me up with this one “If you’re having a conversation with an online friend they have to tell you juicy stuff, otherwise the relationship can wain. Imagine 10 minutes spent staring at the screen and no-one types anything? Not exactly the stuff great friendships are built on!”

    Haha! Yes, online friends get right to the good stuff…heeheee! And the truth is, I think we spill a LOT more to each other…because we don’t have to see the repercussions (or reactions!) in person!!
    Living Outside of the Box recently posted..Colors of Ajijic MexicoMy Profile

    • I’m definitely guilty of blabbing the juicy stuff! I’m pretty open face-to-face but online – Oh. MY. GOD!!

  3. I totally agree about ‘real life friends are reading along but not always commenting’–majority of the comments on our blog are from online friends or even strangers! I’m finding that online friends tend to share more specific interests and also have the shared interest of communicating online. This may or may not apply to ‘real life friends’, but there are obviously other facets to those relationships.
    With 2 Kids In Tow recently posted..Best Family Beaches in AsiaMy Profile

    • yep – some of our real life friends probably don’t even know how to comment. Before I had this blog I had never commented on any website post!! Online suits me though – I’m interested in every little bit of info and I always have an opinion on whatever is being said!!

  4. Hi Tracey,

    Love that you made so many new friends. Hope you have space for some new ones… We’re a travelling family of 5 and just made the momentous (or maybe inevitable) decision to turn our one year into two…we love meeting other gap year families and have made some great friends too.. Loving looking back at your blog, looking forward to reading more and liking the tips on cheaper Aussie travel as we’ll be there in a few months:)
    I wonder how you’re all doing getting back into ‘normal’ life?
    Best wishes, Mo (at mmbzl.com – Clark family adventures)
    (Ps. And we met on line too, many years ago!!)

    • Hey Mo – thanks so much for taking the time to comment!! We definitely have room for more playmates!! I so wish that we had gone for 2 years, we loathe being home! On a bright note our daughter is determined to do well in her final two years of school and our youngest son who never really excelled at school is absolutely loving being back there and is doing really well – the year of travel has been so good for him! I have loads more tips on saving money in Australia I just haven’t had time yet to write them up. I’ve also got a budgeting series planned! Coming back home was much harder than I ever thought it would be. If we could go again tomorrow we would pack up and set off immediately. We’ve rented a house in Penang (another post coming!) and are making plans to earn our income entirely online. We plan to head off again in 2015 and not return!! Hope you come visit us when you’re in Australia! It will be nice to welcome some families into our home like people did for us when we were travelling!

      • Hi Tracey,
        That would be amazing to come visit when we’re in Australia. Thanks very much. Exciting to hear your plans to head off again and will be great to see more money saving tips for Australia. We’re in NZ now and staying with a school friend of mine who emigrated about 40 years ago. It’s so much fun to have some downtime with friends. I love hearing about the experiences of other roadschooling / world schooling families – it’s great to hear it was so positive a time and return for your kids. By the way, is there an on line Facebook or other families group we can join? best wishes, Mo x
        Mo recently posted..Perito Moreno Glacier, ArgentinaMy Profile

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