Why do we let others hold us back?

Why do we let others hold us back? This is something that has been lingering on the edge of my consciousness for a couple of weeks now and it came firmly into view with a trip to the movies this week.

I took the kids to see the new movie Abduction.  They nagged me during the day and since it’s school holidays I agreed to take them if they would get the train to my work.  I didn’t want to drive all the way home to get them after work and then have to drive all the way back to the movies!

When it was getting close to leaving time I realised it had gotten cold outside and I didn’t have a jacket.  So I did what I usually do and wore my work high vis. bright yellow shirt.  Very sexy if I do say so myself!  The kids are highly impressed when I go out in it.  It sure beats being cold!

So we go to buy our tickets and the young girl in the cinema asks me if I’m a tradie!  I didn’t know what she said at first since it was so unexpected!  So she asked me again if I was a tradie!  I explained that I do work on a site that has manufacturing but this was just my shirt if I had to go into the factory.

She then proceeds to tell me that all she wants to do is be a tradie.  She thinks it would be awesome and she’s wanted to do it for ages.  I asked her why she hadn’t.  Guess what she said?  Her dad said she would look stupid on a work site!!!!!  I was gobsmacked!!!  And as someone who is getting very close to doing exactly what they want with our life changing year adventure, I felt compelled to set her straight!!!

I told her to go home that very night and google “becoming a tradie”, find out exactly what was involved and get started THAT NIGHT to do what she wanted to do.

I was either the completely wrong person, or the completely right person for her to come across that night!  Her dad may want to kick me right about now!

Can you imagine not following your heart because someone else thinks you would look stupid?  Actually after I wrote that I thought probably everybody can.  If might not be exactly that scenario but I’ll bet everyone has changed their outfit, changed their holiday plans, put off having children, studied a different course at Uni, left amazing shoes in the shop etc etc because they were concerned about what their husband/wife/mother/sister/workmate etc would think or say!

I’ve been guilty of this.  Hell, I’m still guilty of this!!  But from mid January 2012, I will do this no longer!!  I’m going to do exactly what I think I should do and what is best most fun/exciting for our kids and us!  We’ll have no-one to worry about when we make a decision but ourselves.  We can dye our hair pink, blue and green for all that it will matter (can you imagine us each with different colour hair – tempting I must say!)  We won’t have to change it back after a week or two on a break because we have to get back to work or school.

We can wear whatever we want, be whoever we choose and go wherever we like on our life changing year.

I’m counting the days……..and really can’t wait!!   I hope others that read this might just decide to take charge and do what their heart desires too!

Feel free to leave your heart’s desire in the comments.  (I promise I won’t tell anyone – lol!)

Image: Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Why do we let others hold us back? — 4 Comments

  1. Is this a good time to tell you that I looked up the job prospects for journalism and they were so low that I changed my uni preferences before the closing date?
    I still have one journalism and the international business one, but I changed the rest!

    • Hopefully u put more thought into it this time!! Since you’ll be deferring does it really matter? Love ‘n Rockets doesn’t require a degree! lol

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