Who Can Resist The Flowers Of Europe? Not Me!!

I think I’m getting old!!!

I used to tease everyone when they said “oh, look at the flowers”, “aren’t the flowers beautiful?” etc etc.

Not so far from where we live in Australia there is an annual flower show that we have never been to – too many “old” people go there!  That could be set to change!

Now I’m the one saying to the family “oh, look at that”, “did you see those flowers?”

I’m sure Kate is sick of hearing it!!

Here’s the evidence, from various countries……

Buckingham Palace Flowers


Champs Elysees – France


London Street

English seaside flowers

Not only am I drooling over them, I keep making Gert take pictures of them!  It won’t be long before the cold sets in and all these beautiful flowers are gone for another year!

I think I’ve turned into my mother!!

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Who Can Resist The Flowers Of Europe? Not Me!! — 2 Comments

    • They were going to approve recycling sewerage in Toowoomba for a while. The mayor said she was not going to allow people to start calling the town POOWOOMBA!!! hahahahahaha!!!! So now we all do!

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