What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas. Unless Your Last Name Is Pedersen!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - NOT!!!

Some of you may have seen this heading on our facebook feed this week.

I thought about keeping my shame to myself and keeping you all in suspense.  But then I realised it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share all the dodgy details!

I also realised that Gert had blabbed about part of what went on on his own facebook page.  It’ll be so much funnier if I tell it.  So here goes!

Imagine this.

You’re getting ready to go out for a day on the Las Vegas strip and realise you don’t have any more clean underwear.  You know there’s some in the car so you toss up the pros and cons of wearing not-clean underwear today vs getting clean stuff out of the car.

Considering there’s been extremely hot Vegas days recently (40 degrees celcius) you figure not-clean underwear will be a bit gross even for yourself who can go a week without a shower (and clean underwear) if need be.

So you make the fateful decision to go down to the car wearing just a shirt and skirt.  No underwear.  Commando.  Naked underneath.  Get the picture?

You figure it will be fine as it’s only about 100 metres to the car from the door downstairs.

What you don’t figure on is the 30-odd people who are milling around outside the door downstairs in various stages of a Timeshare presentation (just wait for my ranting post on the Timeshare presentations next week!)

You also don’t figure on the gale-force winds that have picked up overnight.  Or the fact that the nice gentleman at the door inexplicably decides to wait for you to open it for him!  Even though your hands are full of iPad, handbag and keys.

I’m sure you know where this is going!!

I should have let the guy open the door.  I should have had my hands free to hold my skirt down.

I should have worn underwear……!

As I pushed against the door I discovered the wind was blowing from the other side.  I had to push three times to get the door to open and by then my fate was sealed.

As I walked quickly down the path my brain registered the 30-odd people, my full hands and the wind all at once!

A second later my poor brain registered that my skirt was on it’s way up and there was not a damned thing I could no about it!!!!!

And up she went!  Straight up!!  At high speed!!


Oh the shame!!

As always I pretended that this was completely normal for me – I rescued my skirt and continued down the path.  I didn’t look back so I can’t tell you what everyone else was doing but I’ll bet it was the highlight of their timeshare presentation!!  And not in a good way!!

I practically leapt into the back of the car!!  Thank god for tinted windows.  I was able to get clean knickers on and calm my frazzled nerves in relative privacy!

When the family arrived at the car I filled them in and Gert laughed about it for the whole day!  And of course posted about it on facebook!

My misery was not over yet however.

Hours later we went to the movies to see Men In Black 3 (save your money – it was ordinary!)

I toddled off to the toilet before the movie began.

All was going fine until I went to stand up.  My left leg gave way for some odd reason and I ended up on my hands and knees in the toilet cubicle this time with underwear around my ankles!!

It was my turn to giggle as I tried to tell the family what had happened while the previews were rolling in the cinema!  I’m sure the family in front were horrified both at my talking and insane giggling!!

What a day!!!

I limped around for the rest of it and was so glad to get in my comfy bed that night!

Please make me feel better – leave me a comment about something embarrassing that has happened to you!  PLEASE!!

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What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas. Unless Your Last Name Is Pedersen! — 12 Comments

  1. OMG – I think that I’ll be laughing for at least a day thinking of your predicament! I guess no one told you that Las Vegas has some very windy days. I’m glad that you were able to laugh it off. I’ll have to think of a funny story to share with you but I’m not sure I have anything to top the hilarity of this one!
    AdventureBee recently posted..Happy Bee Birthday!My Profile

    • I had no idea it could be this windy! Needless to say I’ve been wearing my jeans ever since!!! C’Mon – dust off that funny story – make me feel better!

  2. bahahahahahahaha! I can’t top that tale of woe! If I do think of something though I will share it for you. Pref a tale about someone else of course though…. hmmmm

    • hmmm..So far I’ve topped everyone!! Wish we could hear what the timeshare people were telling their families yesterday!!

    • I kind of thought I would win first prize Amy! But it’s nice to dream! My post has also attracted 64 spam comments – not sure I wanted to win that competition!! lol

  3. And this is why we’re friends Tracey! Me, in London, 1994, with Bruce. Back in those days, it was a rare occasion that I DID wear undies, most men were thrilled if their girlfriend’s went au naturel, Bruce was thrilled at the feel of knickers. Now, of course, I need them to help keep the jiggling to a minimum 😀 Walking through Golder’s Green main street on a busy Saturday evening, on our way to the pub (natch) strolling along looking good in my strappy dress, which came modestly to my knees, till the wind picked up, giving the elderly gentleman behind me a great big flash of my (at least in those days shapely) bouncing bare bum cheeks. I am sure his wife was thrilled too. Didn’t stop me though, still was known as Ali nae knickers, or Baldric Barebottom for many years to come 😀 Feel better?! My friend Kate Helms always says that at least if I can’t be a shining example, I get to be a horrible warning…

    • Bahahaha – so I’m not the only one! Makes me feel loads better! And reminds me of a time when I was about 19. Very modest, longish dress. No underwear on (of course didn’t want a line to show!) As I walked down the street a wierdo grabbed me and put his hand RIGHT up my dress!! NOT cool! But gave us all a good laugh thinking he got more than he bargained on! You’d think I would have learnt by now!

  4. I think most of the timeshare people were probably just happy to see that Vegas seems to be shedding the family-friendly image it’s been trying to cultivate over the past 10 years or so.
    I’d love to help out by posting an embarrassing story of my own, but obviously I’ve never done anything remotely embarrassing, ever. I’m perfect.
    Daniel McBane recently posted..What to do Before Entering a Public Pool in JapanMy Profile

    • Oh perfect Daniel!! Welcome!! I’ve actually been playing with my new vegas site Las-Vegas-Turist-Site.com Maybe I should write to the Nevada tourism board and ask for some freebies in light of my contribution to keeping Vegas an adult playground? Not sure how much succees I would have!

    • Oh dear Sam – you’ve discovered the embarrassing posts!! Crazy things seem to happen to us everywhere we go – I’m sure it’s because we are primed for adventure! Did you read the diarhea posts yet?? lol. Sorry in advance!!

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