Welcome To America!! You People Are Weird!!!

Welcome to America weird Pedersen family!

We’ve arrived in America. And boy are we excited!!!

We can’t wait to visit all the places we’ve read about and seen on TV – the natural wonders, the movie scenes, the people!!

Our first stop was California.

We decided to slum it and stayed at Wilmington.

This is a suburb near the Port of LA. VERY near the Port!! Close enough to hear train whistles all night. Close enough for the local members of the ‘hood to play doof-doof music at 1000 decibels in the middle of the night. And close enough to hear someone scream out “shut up!!” when said music was playing!!!!!

Also close enough to use the Port’s free wifi!! Score!!!

Upon check in to our hostel one gentlemen enquired as to why we would even stay in Wilmington!! Nuff said!!!

But what we found here was a real experience. No pristine hotel stay with housekeeping and no lack of interaction with the locals for us!!

Instead we discovered Big Joe working at the hostel. Joe has worked in Silicon Valley for big multi-national companies. He was the nicest man and gave us lots of tips on what to see and do. He then proudly showed us photos on his phone of his son – that’d be little Joe – over 6 foot and muscles like you’ve never seen!!

Britt and I wandered down to the local Liquor store. Homeless people missing many teeth said good afternoon to us!! Every single person we passed was pleasant, no matter how rough-around-the-edges they appeared!!

Then we met Gordon back at the hostel. Gordon gave us tips on the buses and trains and then offered to drop us at the train!! How helpful was that???

He was so interesting to talk to and told us he has 42 grandchildren!!! Several of his children have 11 children each!! At Christmas he gets name tags for them all just so he can keep track!!!

Imagine that!!

There were many other interesting people at the Monterey Inn Hostel. Everyone staying there seemed to have a job there too!!

When we picked up our itsy bitsy bright yellow rental car they giggled and looked out the window to see how we were all going to fit in!!

When we returned with the RV we had rented a few days later, they all came out to have a look inside!!

It was really fun and all this interaction got me lamenting what could have been in SE Asia. If we didn’t have the language barriers, we would have learned so much more about the people we spent time with and the places we visited. We could have had the great conversations with people there as we have been enjoying in the USA.

Of course not long after these great interactions, we were almost in the middle of a fight with mace and had a female truck driver screaming at us in a servo!!!

All in a day’s work for those of us having a life changing year!!!!

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Welcome To America!! You People Are Weird!!! — 6 Comments

    • Very true Ree. I have to say I was reluctant to give up the public transport as its such a great way to see the real people of a country. Alas, we needed a car to get around. I’m pretty sure we should try the bus again just for fun!!

    • Very true Emiel. A bit of slow travel lets us relax and remember why we set out. It’s also a chance to get laundry done!! lol

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