Weight Watchers Update – How are we travelling after 41 days on the road?

FAO Schweetz - Giant Jolly Rancher packet!Our friends at home and our long-term readers will know that Gert and I have been going to Weight Watchers since late in 2010 and had lost over 50 kg between us prior to leaving on our life changing year adventure.

Gert reached his goal weight just a few months before we left and I had about 10kg left to reach mine.

We weren’t too worried about how we would manage on the road – we’ve been doing this for so long now that we felt more than capable of staying on the straight and narrow.  Our recent trip to Tasmania in April showed us that we could maintain our weight while on holiday, even if we weren’t losing any!  The big test is finding appropriate meals when you are not cooking at home.

So how are we managing on the road?


We haven’t cooked a single meal since we left home.  We’ve been staying cheap in hostels and in cheap motels – some of these have included breakfast which has been both good and bad!

We’ve eaten street foods – curries, meat on sticks, enough roti to sink the new Titanic, rice, fried chicken, noodles, rice, noodles, fried chicken, fruit, fruit, fruit and did I mention rice?

We’ve eaten ice cream sundaes in Bangkok that were truly amazing, whole fish and that terrible Durian!!

Gert has taken to eating fried rice for breakfast (yikes!) while I’ve tried to take a more traditional approach.  The kids seem to be happy to take whatever is on offer!

And there’s an amazing amount of fruit available in Asia – Mango, banana and pineapple on tap!!  Fruit is unlimited on Weight Watchers these days so that has made things super easy!!

Travelling through Asia results in an amazing amount of exercise too and that’s what’s allowed us to tuck in!!  At home we both earnt very few exercise points (I am the laziest person in the world!!).  We both also had cars so we drove everywhere.  These days we catch public transport or walk – sometimes carrying bags and bags from the grocery store!  So we’ve gone from doing just a point or two of exercise to having one week here where we did 54 points worth of exercise!!

I know not everyone will understand the Weight Watchers Pro Points system but trust me, that’s a lot of exercise for lazy people!!

Through it all we have continued to put our weight into our online trackers whenever we are able to get our hands on a set of scales.  We’ve weighed ourselves in shopping centres, on a Wii Fit game in our accommodation and even before we had our immunisations in Bangkok!!

We started off tracking everything we were eating but it’s a little hard as it’s difficult to tell how some foods are cooked which makes estimating the Weight Watchers Pro Points a little difficult.  I’ve settled for keeping track on the notepad of my iPad so I don’t get out of control!! (Says she who had a hotdog with cheese and THE BEST fries in Cambodia for lunch!!)

The good news is that Gert is maintaining his weight the same as he was at home.  He seems to be able to eat a ridiculous amount of food frankly!!  It would make me jealous if I had any room to fit anything else in my belly!!

And so far I’ve lost 3kg since we left home.  I’m pretty happy with that    considering how much I have indulged!!  So I have just 7kg to go until I reach my goal weight.  (actually I’ve lost 5kg but I’m not counting the 2kg I lost when I spent three days on the toilet with food poisoning – it kinda seems like cheating as it will most likely go back on over the next couple of days!)

I’m so glad we stuck with Weight Watchers!!

I often think to myself that it’s probably the only thing we could have done that could easily be transferred to travel with us.  If we had decided to follow a programme with ready made food we wouldn’t have been able to get our hands on it in other countries and in most cases we haven’t had a microwave to heat it up!!  We would have packed on the pounds!

And Gert is still carting about 20 Weight Watchers bars that I made him bring!!  I’m slowly making a dent in them when there’s nothing else available!!

But the best part about losing weight while we are travelling is being able to throw out the fat clothes I had to bring with me and dip into the smaller size that is also in my backpack!!

As I give these clothes to goodwill I’m losing weight and so is my backpack!!

We are currently planning to get a list of worldwide Weight Watchers meeting locations and start to visit a few meetings while we are away.  We’ve carted our membership books all this way so it seems silly not to use them!

Has anyone else lost weight at Weight Watchers?  (I know some of the girls where I used to work have done really well!)  Feel free to tell me about it in the comments below………

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