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That’s the sound of excitement!!  The sound of relief and jubilation and of being thrilled – all rolled into one!!!

The reason?  I’ve just about finished the Website Launchpad Course I’ve been doing online for the past 9 weeks!  I’ve met some great people.  I’ve helped and been helped with various tricky issues.  And I’ve seen some serious results people!!

9 weeks ago I had a basic wordpress site and was facing teaching myself how to set it all up and flounder through installing all the goodies that WordPress has to offer.  I was thinking of making my 16 year-old teach me all that she knew!

I worried about how I would link it to Facebook, how I would send out updates, did I need Twitter (9 weeks ago I had never even used Twitter!), how would I get people to see my site, would anyone even be interested in reading about our life changing year except for the friends I could bully into it???

All of these questions threatened to undo my good intentions of keeping everyone up to date with exactly where in the world we were (and making them really jealous!)

Enter Serena Star Leonard.  Retire in 12 Months author and coaching extroadinnaire!!!  Some of you will know I had purchased Serena’s book as part of the mad couple of days that started this crazy idea of 12 months travelling overseas.  Luckily I found Serena’s website and discovered she was running her Website Launchpad course and it was starting in just 2 days!!!  I worried about whether I should spend the money when we had just started to save to go away.  It wasn’t that much but I had suddenly become very frugal overnight!!!

I emailed Serena to ask her if she truly believed I could get as much as promised from the course.  Of course she was going to say yes!!  What sold me however, was that she popped her mobile number on the bottom of her email and told me to call with any questions!!  Anyone who was prepared to give that much had to be worth a big long look and I decided I was in!!  (Of course I didn’t call her, she was a published author and I was too chicken!!)

Skip to 9 weeks later.  We’ve had 2 webinars each week.  We’ve set up our sites for less than $50, made a facebook page, I’ve tweeted regularly (and been invited to join Triberr by the most amazing group of travelling families, all of whom I hope to meet someday, somewhere in the world!!).  We’ve learned how to leave comments, I’ve got a Gravatar (!), I even wrote an eBook that you can download from this site!!  We’ve discussed different ways to turn our sites into something amazing and we have each received individual help and answers to all of our questions (no matter how stoopid!).  As part of this course we also receive individual coaching which is really difficult to put a price on!

Ok – so why am I fluffing on with all of this adoration (besides the fact that I love my website and have 2 more planned?)  Well, the course is nearly over (sniff…sniff…)  AND……a new course is set to start next week!!!

Several of my friends have expressed an interest in having their own websites to share their passions with the world.  So I can’t resist the chance to pass on the amazing experience I have had to all of them and to you!!

You can click on the link below to see what all the fuss is about!!  Have a read through and if this is something you would love to do get yourself registered quick smart for the next course!!!  You could have a website up and running for less than $50 and be rabbiting on to all your friends about how great it all is too!!  There aren’t too many places left so don’t wait too long to register.

Click here for the most amazing Website Course EVER!!!

Just so we are all clear – I will receive a small commission for each person who registers through this link.  I can tell you this post was already almost finished tonight when I discovered I could receive this small payment so you would have been getting all of this story anyway!!  This way we both benefit!

If you decide to make your own website be sure to send me the link when it’s up and running so I can check out your handywork!  I may even want to link it to my site!!


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