We Won! It’s Official – We Are Awesome! Thanks To YOU!!

We are awesome!

Remember a while back when I nagged you all on facebook to go vote for our blog at thenomadicfamily.com?

Well, you guys sure joined the party!  And thanks to all your hard work – we won!!!

By miles…..

We were so far ahead of Act Of Traveling that I actually heard Emiel weeping in his sleep all the way from the Netherlands!!  True story!

You should probably soothe his wounds by visiting his blog – the link I’ve included has the most lovely pictures of the Netherlands, complete with palace/castle!  You’ll actually learn something over there with Emiel too!

Anyway, a big thanks goes out to all you guys that voted for us!!

Now we get to put this pretty picture on our sidebar!  Aren’t we lucky?

Best Travel Blog Winner 2012 - Life Changing Year!

If you click on that pic you can see what an internet genius I am.  I worked out how to add a link so you can go to Gabi’s blog and see the final scoring!  TRUE GENIUS, right there!

As a big fat reward to all you guys for spending a minute or two to write nice comments about us, we’re going to run a competition so one of you can receive a very cool prize!

Check back in tomorrow to see how to enter….if you’re a stationery lover like me you won’t want to miss the chance for a personalised present!!

See you tomorrow voters!  I am LOVING your work!

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We Won! It’s Official – We Are Awesome! Thanks To YOU!! — 10 Comments

  1. How can we not but love you, your family and your awesome blog! Especially on this Valentine’s Day 🙂
    Congratulations Tracey! You have the coolest travel blog of the whole wide world!
    And yes, hear me weeping in my sleep….no. 2…LOL

    • Oh Emiel, you dried your tears and came to visit us…….!!! Thanks for dropping by. You were stiff competition!! And it meant I visited your blog heaps!!

    • Thanks so much. We were pretty excited!! I like your site about India – so many interesting articles there to keep me busy for a while!

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