We survived our frugal Christmas day!!

Hey everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas day with family and friends if you are in Australia or are getting ready to do just that if you are elsewhere in the world!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how we survived our frugal Christmas Day!!

You would all know that I’ve been a little freaked out about how the kids would cope without an enormous pile of gifts under (our imaginery) Christmas tree!  No big parcels, no little parcels, no christmas stockings and no surprise family gift from Santa this year…….

Well, I am pleased to report, that all went well!!  Jono was up early to claim his book and the girls slept late as there was no need to get up early!  Kate even wrote on facebook that she wasn’t appearing until lunch was served!  Brittney, of course was thrilled with her new socks!!!

It was a nice relaxed day with lots of laughs and way too much food – food we will be eating for the next week or so.

Gert is back out on the road tomorrow and I have two more days off from work to get some serious travel planning done.  I’ve bought a few extra packing boxes to start getting rid of the last of the stuff we needed to keep out of storage and some serious backpack loading will be happening.  I think it’s time to separate out the clothes I’m taking and stop wearing them.  Don’t worry – I have plenty of other clothes to wear so there’ll be no naked photos to scar you all for life!!

Here’s some pics of our Christmas Day food.  Check out those big fat prawns – we’ll be eating the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!! 


And the Pavlova – ohmogosh it was good!!  And almost Weight Watchers approved!!


I wonder what we’ll be eating for Christmas next year?

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We survived our frugal Christmas day!! — 2 Comments

  1. That’s great! We toned things down a bit this year, but not too far down. The girls didn’t seem to notice that they did not get the phone, laptop, or ipad they asked for (!), and were thrilled with the clothes. We did have a big family gift, though – a trip to Hawaii in January that we somehow managed to keep secret for 8 months! My husband and I agreed to only shop for each other at the thrift store, and that worked out GREAT! We did have to reassure each other the day before Christmas. Me: “Um… so… I don’t really have very much for you….” He: “It’s probably more than I found for you.” Me: “Oh, that’s great, then!” He gave me some kitschy vintage travel guides and I found a couple of cool vintage shirts for him that actually fit this time. Magic!
    Paige AllOvertheMap recently posted..Don’t forget the… gifts for family travelersMy Profile

    • Hi Paige – that sounds awesome! And great to know we were not the only ones doing Christmas a little differently this year! How did you keep a holiday to Hawaii secret for 8 months??? I took Gert to Vegas last year and it was only secret for a month before I blabbed because I was so excited!

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