We Broke The Rule About Not Taking Anything From Yosemite!!


We have just spent a lovely two nights camping in Yosemite with our friends from Family Trek!!

It was so exciting to actually meet Clark, Monica, Jackson and Emery in person after waiting for so long!! They were just as lovely as we expected (you can pay me later guys!)

They may not love us as much when they discover what we took from Yosemite however (I won’t tell them if you don’t!)

We were a little freaked out with all the bear warning signs. We wondered if we were overreacting by putting all our stuff in the bear-proof box but it turned out there was a $5000 fine if you didn’t!! Everything with a smell had to go in the box – food, toiletries, baby wipes, even drinks although they were in sealed cans!!

We told Jono that he had to go in the box due to a lack of showers…he obliged for a minute…

Then there were the raccoons and the squirrels!! We saw a raccoon the first night – honestly, it was as big as a dog!!! There were squeals

from all of us as it cruised past our campsite!!

The squirrels are super cute but that hides their naughtiness!! You shouldn’t leave your car doors open as they get inside the car and start eating your wiring!! We had a few hilarious moments when we left the odd door open and everyone ran around panicking about the squirrels.

The park has amazing facilities – I couldn’t quite believe so much was available in a national park. There is a free bus service through the park. We had a short trip on this bus and had a nice walk to a waterfall with all the kids. Jono loved being outside and the little kids had fun climbing over rocks and walking on logs…here’s some of the evidence….

Yosemite also has a whole housekeeping section that you can get to on the bus. You can go there to shower and do your laundry – both services we didn’t try out on this short visit.

There’s wireless internet if you can’t live without your gadgets. We managed to resist while we were camping. Once it was time to leave we needed to update our maps for the next part of our journey so we stopped in to Curry Village for a quick update. It must have been funny to see us all lined up on the verandah. The five of us were in rocking chairs, Jono reading The Hunger Games and the rest of us facebooking!!

Every so often a squirrel would creep up to us and sit looking to see if we had any food. One even ran under Jono’s chair. Gert tried to get an iPad photo but it was a bit blurry.

It was at that moment, sitting there telling the world on facebook that we had survived the bears, that Brittney asked if we could take something from Yosemite with us to San Francisco!

I couldn’t quite believe she was suggesting it! She’s normally so sensible!

But she was determined and we started discussing how it would work.

Did we have room in the car? Were the kids all happy to sit together in the back to make extra room? Could we get in trouble? What would Grandma think? Who was going to claim our prize?

In the end we worked out the details and we sent Brittney to capture our goodies!

And here’s what we took with us from Yosemite…….

Yes my friends, we took hitchhikers!!!!!ย  How brave were we???

Katherine and Jessie were sitting quietly next to us with their sign requesting a lift to San Francisco!!! Britt spotted them and immediately asked if we could give them a lift! Even they freely admitted that this was kinda lazy hitchhiking!!

After a bit or re-arranging in the car we were off!!

We learned along the way that Katherine and Jessie were both writers and Katherine’s book is being published next month!! How exciting!! It’s non-fiction which makes her kinda smart in my book. Her book is about anti-depressants and their effect on teens. Told you she was smart!!

You can see for yourself – her website is katherinesharpe.com and you can click the link to have a look-see.

Katherine and Jessie were probably horrified at the amount of crap food we had on board! Jessie kind of gave it away when he encouraged us to stop at a fruit stall on the side of the road. The first one was sold out but we had success on the second try. We bought cherries, apriums (apricots/plums), bananas and lots of crispy vege chips!!

Then we made another detour to Del Taco for burritos and tacos and toilet stops!! Katherine and Jessie got coffee from another store and we joked that Jessie’s fiction book was about two hitchhikers who appear normal and then murder the family of 5 that picked them up in Yosemite!!

Bad things to joke about!!

After that it was all plain sailing to drop off our new buddies, take their photo and continue on to the KOA Kampground!

I think it’s especially cool to meet people who are doing interesting things in their daily lives and we’ll be including some more of the interesting characters we have met soon.


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We Broke The Rule About Not Taking Anything From Yosemite!! — 13 Comments

  1. OH my gosh – you so had me on the end of the seat…wondering what you took from Yosemite ๐Ÿ™‚

    How funny you are – and yep eating fruit is good for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Not veggie chips!

    I have never thought to pick up hitchhikers before – at least you got smart ones! Especially Katherine – writing a book would be so cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lisa Wood recently posted..What Have I DoneMy Profile

    • But Lisa – they were beetroot veggie chips!! Surely they were good for us?!?!? I’m not sure we would be so brave to pick up actual hitchhikers from the side of the road! Katherine and Jessie’s sign said they were nice – that sealed it!! Lol

  2. I really loved reading about your time in Yosemite. I went on a 4-week car-hire trip around four of the Western states with my family when I was 12. I’m turning 29 next week and I still remember how magical that place was. It was definitely the best place we visited, and it had some amazing parks and sights to contend with! I remember star gazing by our cabin and feeling constantly excited and scared that we might encounter a bear. Those kids will treasure the memory just as I have!
    Arianwen recently posted..Rwandan war trials in ArushaMy Profile

    • Wow. You’ve described it just right! Constantly being excited and scared to see a bear!! I also kept craning to see the stars through the trees! It was a truly awesome spot! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think putting Jono in the Bear Box is a win/win. He stays safe from the bears, and you stay safe from his smell. Plan on that in the future.

    Now, as for the hitchhikers. It appears that I now have another book to read. This is what I do for a living after all. What are the odds!

    I’m happy you guys has such a great time. If you have time, visit a few more parks. They are amazing. Maybe get an annual pass and visit Glacier, Yellowstone, Badlands! The national parks are all great, especially now that you have the camping down so well!
    Justin recently posted..The Travelerโ€™s Bucket List: World Travelers Share Their Favorite DestinationsMy Profile

    • I was sure Jono would freak out about the box – Kate locked him in for ages!! But he just climbed out once he was freed! I think I’ll be getting a copy of that book – sounds interesting – and u needed one more thing to do during your travel prep huh? As for the pass, we are the proud wonders of one! We’ve been to three parks so far so from here on in, it’s practically free to visit. Can’t wait to see Yellowstone – its high on my list!!

  4. Thanks for the link! We were scared of you too, you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just kidding…it was a great ride and we’ve had fun telling other people about the experience too.

    If we asked real nice, would you email a larger copy of the image of us all with the sign? One for the history books…

    Looking forward to keeping track of your continuing journeys on the site!

    • Hey Katherine – You were scared of us? Well, that’s because we are terrifying!! lol. Happy to email you a copy of the pic. Will do it in the next couple of weeks as soon as I get the photos onto the computer instead of the ipad. Good luck with the book launch – remember us when you are rich and famous!

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