We Are Back From Our Post-Travel Pity Party!

Our travel pity party is finally over.

So you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to right? We’re back in Australia and all has been quiet on the blog. Truth be told I was having a bit of a pity party. I was struggling with having my freedom curtailed!

Let’s face it – I enjoyed going where the wind took us. Sleeping wherever we chose. Eating whatever we wanted and everyone able to have something different if they felt like it.

Don’t feel like going out today? No problem – we’ll

go tomorrow. We have all the time in the world.

Bored in this town? Just move on to the next!

Anybody interested in Egypt? Hell yes – let’s go for a whole month!

And now we are having to commit to buying a car. Not a great hardship – we’re buying a bomb and paying cash so it doesn’t feel like too much of a commitment.

But we also need to find a house and sign a lease. And that’s the hard bit. Signing a lease is a commitment to at least 6 months in the same place! Eeeek!!

I suspect if Kate hadn’t been so insistent on coming back to our previous home that we may have moved somewhere completely different – just to keep the excitement alive! New town, new sights and all that…..

Anyway, thanks to very good friends and a cool housesitting gig I’ve had time to get myself together. I’ve mostly stopped crying at the sight of a bird or a sunset or toilet paper in public toilets! I’m getting ready to settle in for at least 2 years before our next big adventure can start.

I’ll most likely buy the car I’m looking at this afternoon (cause that’s how I roll – does it have drink holders? Yes? I’ll take it!) and next week will find us a house to rent. AND I’ll happily sign the lease having now come to terms with the fact that we are indeed home!

And I’ll be launching our travel planning course in February along with a few other cool things for you guys. I’m writing for a couple of online websites and thinking of returning to work.

Plenty of stuff to keep me busy and focussed!

Well maybe not quite so focussed as I thought. This was actually meant to be a roundup post of the coolest stuff we did in 2012 but I didn’t quite get there!

Check back tomorrow for that gem….did we ever tell you that we visited at least 22 UNESCO World Heritage sights this year? With no prior planning?

That’s the kind of quirky facts you’ll get tomorrow – I know you can’t wait!!

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We Are Back From Our Post-Travel Pity Party! — 8 Comments

  1. It’s so good to read this because we felt the same way when we returned home at the beginning of December-completely out of sorts, whiny, emotional, raw, wholly out of place in our own home. We were a mess.:) It’s nice to know that others have experienced this same thing. I think what was so unsettling for me was that, when we were on the road, I felt I was completely in control of my life, living it to the fullest, and not holding back. Being at home just left too much opportunity for the mundane and for settling for less. I’m am gradually learning ways to harness living in every moment even while at home. I hope the same for you.
    Jessica recently posted..Planning a Trip to the US Holocaust Museum for KidsMy Profile

    • Woah Jessica – that’s exactly how I’m feeling!! Footloose and fancy free has been replaced with mundane and back to “normal”. Not living life to the fullest is very hard to take!! I guess I’ll have to make my own full life for the next little while!

    • Ha! You’re not getting out of it that easily Mr Nate!! We still have dozens of our stories to tell and we plan to start exploring locally with our new fresh eyes!!

  2. I so hear what you are saying – I get such itchy feet and can’t stand to be in one place for too long!! We could never go back into a house again – far too big and so easy to fill it up with stuff that really one doesn’t need.
    But planning for the next big trip and writing should help with getting over the pity party! And hey you could always find work in the travel industry 🙂
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Noosa BeachMy Profile

    • hmmm…a job in the travel industry – that’s a good idea! I would love to take a group of people to Cambodia actually! One day! And you’re on the move again so no more itchy feet for you!

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