Want To Take A Grown Up Gap Year? See How We Did It!

take a grown up gap year

Today we have a starring role on thegrownupgapyear.wordpress.com blog. Emily has very kindly interviewed us about the planning for our trip and the ups and downs! Click on over to her site for a read.


If you’ve arrived here from Emily’s blog (or from somwhere else today), you might like to check out some of our more popular posts. I don’t promise that they’ll actually inspire you to travel…..more than likely you’ll be freaked out! But don’t let that stop you. Book your ticket, pack your bags and get on the road! After you read these posts of course!!

You can also download our eBook ’12 Steps To Your Hidden Travel Stash’ from our home page for free. This book will give you some ideas to get the cash you need to set off on your own Grown Up Gap Year!

There’s loads more irreverent content to come here on lifechangingyear.com. We are even working on a book of our funny stories to really freak you all out!!

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