USA here we come!!

Planning is in full swing for our trip to the USA in 2012.  I have started to organise the first few sales of our “stuff”.  One pink GHD hair straightener (which nearly started a riot on facebook!) and one Homedics massage cushion down, 395 million bits of other junk to go!!

$1300 saved so far plus some cash from the sales.  I plan to put a little savings graph on here once I work out how so everyone can see how we are going in the cashola department!  Will help to keep me away from restaurants and movies too!!  I sure am missing the movies but I’ve really been too busy to go anyway.

Several items marked off the To-Do list this week.  Bought Brittney’s formal dress, Kate has an appointment with school re distance education and have started to attack the photo albums.  Baby steps, baby steps.

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USA here we come!! — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Tracey,

    I’m loving your site so far!

    I was wondering, have you heard about Adam Baker and his site He has a couple of eBooks about “Selling Your Crap” which are really amazing and full of tips about downsizing and selling stuff. We used them before we moved to the US and they were great!

    We also had the pleasure of meeting up with Baker and his family when they were in San Francisco. I can say that he is genuinely a nice guy!


    • Hi Tessa. Thanks for your lovely comments. I am the proud owner of “Selling Your Crap” and it is awesome. I almost wished I knew less about eBay as the instructions were so concise!! While I was just looking for tips to get rid of the crap it turns out it has been the catalyst for us to decide to get rid of almost everything and to also travel with about 1/2 of what we had originally planned! How exciting to get to meet them!! I would love to see inside their RV!!

      • Awesome that you’re using it! It was definitely a catalyst for us getting rid of all our crap before moving, as well.

        It was great getting a tour of Baker’s RV – it’s actually surprisingly more spacious than you would expect, however I doubt it feels like that after being stuck in it for months on end! I was most impressed that everything they owned was in it, he said they didn’t have any stuff stashed anywhere else. And it was very neat, everything had a place to go and actually there were still bare cupboards!

        Looking forward to following your story…


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