Updates from France!

Flowers at Buckingham Palace

We’ve done battle with the rail ticket machines in Paris today.  Several hours of mucking around caused us to abandon our outing for the day and head off to the Moulin Rouge to eat ice cream instead!!

Not a bad trade, but not exactly what we had in mind!  There may have been little sparkly tears in an 11 year old’s eyes.

Bacon and eggs for dinner has gone part way to making us feel better and tomorrow we are meeting another travelling family that we only know from facebook and their blog!  Exciting!!!

I also allowed the kids to squirt whipped cream into their mouths tonight straight from the can.  There were smiles all round!!!

So just a short post today to update you on a few things on the site.

Our very first site survey is currently being run.  Click on the link here to go to the post and have your say!!  You know you want to – and we need your feedback!!

The first 100 people to fill it in will go in the draw for a free Life Changing Year T-shirt.

We will be running a design contest on the site in the next couple of weeks for our readers to submit their T-Shirt designs.  Our survey winner will receive the very first one printed!

Earlier this month we posted about the brand new course that is available from Serena Star Leonard, The Website Launchpad course.  This is the course that we did when we first started our website.

Serena is now offering you the chance to win a place for free on the Website Launchpad course.  For a limited time you can click on the link to the Website Launchpad Free Course to put in your entry!  How exciting if someone we knew were to win their place free?  Get straight on to this if you’re wanting to start your own website or you want to improve your current one by miles!

That’s it for today – I just realised we’ve barely posted about our European travels so I’ll be getting on to that soon!!

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