2012 Trip Goals

What goals do we have for ourselves in 2012?

Well, we are still having vague discussions about all the things we will do during our life changing year so I thought it was about time that we started making a list of written goals that we can add to as the time gets closer.  They are in no particular order and at the moment are just my list.  I’ll get the kids and Gert to add any of their own shortly.

  • Visit at least 20 countries
  • Ride an elephant
  • See wild monkeys close up
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Help in an orphanage or school
  • House-sit at least once
  • Couchsurf at least once
  • Ride in a bus or aircraft with chickens!
  • Buy pretty bangles in India
  • Keep good records of our spending
  • Choose some statistics to keep track of for a bit of fun
  • Somewhere in the world meet at least 5 online travel bloggers that we follow
  • Stay in a monastery at least once
  • Stay somewhere 5-star at least once
  • Take a cruise – must be at least 3 nights
  • Visit Forks (I’m pathetic I know!)

Extra items to be added!!

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2012 Trip Goals — 7 Comments

  1. when my family did a 3 month campervan holiday in Europe in 1983 my brother and I kept a list of service station names. Why? Just cause they were different to the ones here in Oz. I don’t know if that’s the best thing to do but could do something similar by taking digital photographs of something – maybe coffee places??

    • I like the idea of photographing different number plates around the world. And keeping track of how many buses, taxis, airplanes etc we catch!

  2. Can i tell you how much i love your goals. i do. i know you absolutely won’t get them all accomplished! and i say this so joyfully. for you will get a lot of them checked off your list, and you’ll end up finding new amazing ones you never dreamed of, like we did. i love it. soooo excited for your take-off date! gabi

    • Oh dear. Are you challenging me Gabi? Was that a dare? Now you’ve made it so I have to complete every single one!!!!!! lol I can’t resist a challenge – I really can’t!! The rest of the family have been a bit slack in providing their goals – probably because they are spending every minute packing their stuff!! We are counting down the days!!!! Hope you guys are one of the families we get to meet in person!!

  3. We use an app on our iPod touch called Expenditure. It’s great, you get to customise your own labels and best of all, you can export it whenever you want to Excel, where i then cut and paste the spreadsheets according to each country that we’ve been. No need for paper and pencils and double handling, and the ipod is small enough to carry with us all the time. highly recommend it!
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  4. We use an app on our ipod touch called Expenditure. We put everything in there as we go generally, no need for pens and paper and double handling. Best of all, you can export to Excel and then manipulate the spreadsheet as you need. (We created separate sheets for each individual country.) Highly recommend it, so easy to use, and you can make your own categories. Good luck!
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