Things to do

Here’s a loose list of what needs to be done before we can leave. Not really in order and we will add to it as we think of more things or complete tasks.

  1. Passports for kids.  Get applications, birth certificates 5/9 , photos 2/11 and send off18/11 – Girls complete!  Jono’s application now in 14/11!  Jono’s passport is now in my possession 29/12/11!!  What a relief!
  2. Visas for US  24/8 – Visa Waiver it is.  Too complicated and expensive to get anything else!!
  3. Cancel Foxtel subscription. 2/8
  4. Proper budget for saving  15/8
  5. Proper budget for travel  16/11 – Doing it this weekend!
  6. Plan the starting point in the USA15/8 – Decided to start in New York! Then changed to Asia!
  7. Plan the route.  Now needs to include Europe and Asia due to visa problems.
  8. Complete tax returns.
  9. Get quote and book storage for our stuff!  16/8 – Scored 4 months free storage –                                                                      Thanks to Kym Fedrick!!!
  10. Book airline tickets – as cheap as possible!  1/12 – Booked to KL!!
  11. Find somewhere to live for 2 months after our lease runs out and before we leave17/11 – All sorted – thanks AirBnB and Kim L! 
  12. Throw out every bit of junk we don’t need and do not want to pay to store! 7/11 – Complete – Who knew we had so much crap?!?!?!
  13. Sell excess stuff on eBay.  28/8 – Starts today!   23/11  Almost complete!!
  14. Organise kids schooling.  Kate has appointment with school.  Kate will do distrance ed.  Cost of $1500.  Turns out that you can get an exemption from school – which Kate is now the proud owner of!!  A weight off my mind and no $1500 bill!
  15. Work out what we are taking and what we are leaving.
  16. Buy a map of USA 7/9 – Went one better.  Scored a world map from work!!!  Awesome!
  17. Decide mode of Transport in the USA – Planes, trains or automobiles? Or an RV?
  18. Prebook Disneyland tickets online.
  19. Redirect mail and organise someone to scan and forward important stuff.
  20. Organise direct debit for bills that we will still have to pay while away.
  21. Pack up house and organise cleaning, lawnmowing etc12/10 – Pretty sure this will be the death of me!! 18/11 – Complete and we are still alive and still speaking to each other!!
  22. Confirm work arrangements for our return in writing.  15/8 – Letter submitted24/8 – It’s official we will both be unemployed when we return to Australia!!  WHATEVER!!!
  23. Post on website most days to get in the habit.  20/8 – I’m in the habit!!
  24. Find a family to adopt us for Christmas in New York City!!  15/8 –Abandoning       this will do Christmas somewhere else – will still need adopting!
  25. Buy travel insurance.  Quoted $1900 so far.
  26. Finish all that scrapbooking – Vegas album, Ayers Rock album and all of 2010.  20/8 On the way – Vegas 95% done, Ayers Rock 1/2.  This aint going to happen – what drugs was I on?
  27. Save, save, save!!  $29990 as at 30/12.  1/4 of the way there!
  28. Sell our car.
  29. Sell Brittney’s car.  20/8 – Could have a buyer!
  30. Buy Brittney’s formal dressCompleted 9/8.
  31. Book cheap Vegas accommodation.
  32. Work out how to include Alaska and Hawaii on our tripWill not be doing either of these unless an amazing DIRT CHEAP deal falls into our lap!!
  33. Finish spreadsheet of what to do in each state of the USA.
  34. Decide what technology we will be carting with us – iPads, iPods, iPhones, other mobiles, cameras, laptops, how many chargers etc.
  35. Organise International Driving Permits.  RACQ Week before we leave.
  36. Decide how to carry and use money in USA, Asia and Europe.
  37. Sort out keeping our email addresses while we won’t have a home phone connection.  31/8 – Sorted!!  Primus will let us keep our email address for $6.00 per month – BARGAIN!!
  38. Pay off credit cards.  18/11 – One down – one to go!
  39. Learn how to tweet31/7 – It’s official.  I love twitter!!
  40. Investigate if we need immunisations.  We so will!
  41. Decide what luggage to take3/9 – Done – got a backpack each with a zip off daypack – SO excited now!!

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