Our around the world itinerary that we didn't stick to!


Tickets have been purchased and the real planning is starting!  Some of our friends have previously been impressed with our detailed holiday itineraries so I’ve decided to share all of our plans with you here.  As this page gets longer I may consider splitting it up.  Please feel free to comment if you can see a gaping hole or if I’ve miscalculated anything!

2012, 20 Jan

Depart Gold Coast 9.05am
Arrive KL 3.25pm
Homestay with AirBnB family!!                                                                                                        Visit Petronas Towers.  Batu Caves. It will almost be Chinese New Year so no doubt fun stuff in store without too much need to plan!
25 Jan – Overnight train to Butterworth, Ferry to Georgetown.
2 weeks in a house near the beach!!! HAVE to go to the toilet restaurant!!!
9 Feb – Overnight train Butterworth to Bangkok!
Immunisations in Bangkok on day 1 and day 7
18 Feb – Bus to Cambodia
Spend 12 days in Siem Reap, Phnom Pehn and Sihanoukville
1 March – Bus to Bangkok
2 March – Last Immunisations
3 March – Overnight train to Chiang Mai
10 March – 3 day bus and boat journey to Laos
12 March – Arrive Laos
1 week in Luang Prabang
20 March – Bus to Vietnam
1 week Hanoi
1 week Da Nang
1 week Ho Chi Mihn
14 April Fly to “Los Angeles
California – 11 days
Nevada – 2 days
Oregon – 4 days
Idaho – 4 days
Washington – 5 days
Alaska – 7 days (hopefully on a cheap cruise!!)
Montana – 2 days
North Dakota – 2 days
South Dakota – 2 days
Wyoming – 2 days
Nebraska – 2 days
Kansas – 3 days
Oklahoma – 3 days
Texas – 4 days
New Mexico – 3 days
Colorado – 5 days
Utah – 3 days
Arizona – 5 days
Nevada – 12 days
California – 3 days

This leaves 6 extra days for unexpected delays (or crap travel planning!!)

Then to Europe
14 July to ?????

2nd 90 days in USA…
14 October – Arrive JFK Airport New York
New York – 3 days
Connecticut – 2 days
Rhode Island – 2 days
Massachusets – 4 days
Maine – 2 days
New Hampshire – 2 days
Vermont – 2 days
New York – 2 days
Pennsylvania – 2 days
Ohio – 2 days
Michigan – 2 days
Indiana – 2 days
Illinois – 2 days
Wisconsin – 2 days
Minnesota – 2 days
Iowa – 2 days
Missouri – 2 days
Arkansas – 2 days
Louisiana – 2 days
Mississippi – 3 days
Alabama – 3 days
Florida – 10 days
Georgia – 3 days
South Carolina – 3 days
North Carolina – 3 days
Tennessee – 2 days
Kentucky – 2 days
Virginia – 2 days
West Virginia – 2 days
Washington DC – 4 days
Maryland – 2 days
Delaware – 2 days
New Jersey – 2 days

Leaves 6 days for crap planning or to somehow go to Hawaii!!!

14 January-ish….Fly out of New York to Australia…sob…sob…!!

Feel free to leave your input in the comments below!!

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  1. visit the restaurant Cabbages and Condoms 10 Sukhumvit Soi 12, 10260, in Bangkok. It is a bit of a tourist attraction but the owner raises money for the PDA which I have an association with. They provide education etc to villages and young people to enable them to seek alternative work instead of the sex trade.

    • Sounds awesome! I’ve added these to my list! Where have you been hiding while all this travel planning was going on? What else you got?!?! lol!

  2. Suggestions for Georgia (at least Atlanta, if you’re going other places I can make some other suggestions too):
    – Georgia Aquarium (world’s largest aquarium) []
    – World of Coca Cola (right next door to the Aquarium – can get combo tickets to visit both) []
    – CNN Center (tour the building and potentially see them recording live) []
    – The Varsity (world’s largest drive-in restaurant – famous place!) []

    I’d pass on the zoo, it’s not all that great (especially when you’ve been traveling around). Depending on when you’re here, there may be a sporting event on which could be interesting. I’ll keep thinking on this, looks like you’ve got awhile before you hit Georgia – just wanted to reply before I forgot!
    Amy recently posted..Australia: Day 10, Canberra and Aussie War HeroesMy Profile

    • Thanks for these suggestions Amy. I must admit I haven’t been tempted by any Zoos so far!! The drive in restaurant sounds cool!

  3. OMG!

    I applaud you for being over achievers!

    Listen. Would you drive to the middle of Australia and spend 2 days in every town you came across?

    What stands out to me is the following:

    2 days for Chicago and New Orleans! What?!?!?! You could spend a week in New Orleans. That town is amazing!

    And there are some states you just need to drive through. Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, Dakotas, Virginas, Montana. In many of these places the scenery is awesome, but unless your camping, there is nothing to do. There are mountains and plains and that is all. Driving through I think is great, but you don’t need to stop in these places. You’ll see when you get there.

    There is so much to see in some places. So little to see in others. Don’t miss New Orleans and Chicago.

    Boston – we got you covered.
    Justin recently posted..A Year Of Travel Planning . . . And A Whole New LifestyleMy Profile

    • Well, we didn’t spend 2 days in each town but we drove all the way there and spent 2 days at Uluru before moving on! Does that count? Lol. We drove 7600km on our last 3 week trip, covered 5 states in Australia and had an awesome time!! Thanks for the reality check. I was pretty sure some would just get a drive through. And you are so right about New Orleans. What cracks me up is that everyone says to skip Montana!! I nearly choked laughing that u say the same! Poor Montana!!! And there’s not a chance in hell of us camping!! Please note the extra days I allowed near Boston – just for you guys!!!

      • It’s not bad, but from Boise to say Chicago is just open space. You will see very little difference between these states up here. Montana has beautiful parts, as is the Dakota’s. I love it up in these areas. But everything is outdoor recreation and you are talking 20 hours from Chicago to Boise, maybe more. Lot’s of open space.

        I am only thinking that some places are better than others. Some areas you won’t want to leave. And if I had to give up days, it would be in Iowa and places like that.

        You can only see so much corn!

        I noticed Boston! 4 days is plenty enough for Boston
        Justin@GreatFamilyEscape recently posted..Random Travel Thoughts: American Vacations, Longevity, And Magic MushroomsMy Profile

  4. Any idea where you’re passing through Idaho/Montana? Give us a shout out if you’re coming through the northern route. We’re right off I-90 at the ID-MT border.

    • Hi Beth – nice to see a new face!! We will be in Idaho sometime in the first 2 weeks of May and plan to be in Montana around 18 May if all goes to plan. Will depend on just how cold we are up north and if we manage to book a cruise to Alaska or not!! I will give you a shout out when the time gets a bit nearer. Very excited to catch up!

  5. I agree with Justin…some states you will just want to drive through, and others you will want to spend some time!
    -Montana is beautiful to drive THROUGH, but there’s nothing to do unless you stop (unless you’re counting entering West Yellowstone, which is absolutely essential)!
    -Washington State (my husband’s home state) has a lot to offer: Seattle, Whidbey Island, Leavenworth (skip the Eastern Side as a destination).
    -Kansas (my home state), is just a good drive-through kind of state. No reason to really stop and spend much time!
    -Missouri has Branson (Silver Dollar City) and the Ozarks, Mark Twain caves and St. Louis Arch.
    -Utah has Salt Lake City, and all of the many natural National Parks (you NEED to spend more than 3 days there) in Southern Utah. Drive through central US states fast, but find more time to visit National Parks throughout the US!!!
    -Drive the Oregon Coast!
    -And having spent 10-ish years in Alaska, I can attest to the fact that it is a great place to take a cruise. You can surely catch a cheap cruise in May to Alaska…and you must hit up Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan! In Skagway take the White Pass train (or catch a fast tour up the mountain pass on a bus), asks around for local hikes (like Lower Lake…not too challenging, but beautiful!), take a whale-watching tour (that is, if you don’t see them where you live in Australia) in Juneau, and see the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. In fact, trump all that and pay the big bucks to fly OVER Glacier Bay—it’s AMAAAZING!
    I know…way too much info and advice. That’s what happens when 3 traveling adults are sitting in one room throwing around ideas….so I’ll leave it at that for more. Contact me if you want any more ideas!
    Living Outside of the Box recently posted..Cenote Swimming in Ik KilMy Profile

    • Ooh that would be great. We are actually diverting to Texas in a cheap RV – fingers crossed we get back on track!

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