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In 2012 I quit my job, sold our stuff, took my kids out of school and set off to travel the world for 12 whole, blissful months!

It was the best fun I've ever had and you know why?

I got a whole year off all the crappy stuff I usually had to do!  

Think about everything you have to do.  You probably do some, or all of these, in any given week - you'll go to work, do grocery shopping, pay some bills, run kids around, clean the toilet, hang out the laundry, cook dinner, supervise homework, sign school forms, budget, do more laundry, pick up sick kids, go to the doctor, go to the chemist, do some ironing blah blah blah blah blah!

When you travel you hardly have to do any of that crap!

Imagine a whole year of being able to read your book on long distance trains and buses.  A year of having fun with the kids.  Camping and swimming and fishing and exploring!  Eating weird food, visiting cool tourist attractions and making all your friends back home jealous with your Facebook photos (hopefully!)

Imagine that when you returned from this awesome year you were significantly changed forever.  You'd seen things you couldn't unsee!

That was me!


We returned home after 12 months and everything was different!  I wanted new challenges and new adventures.  I did NOT want to be back at home as though I'd never left!


Because I've discovered that there are loads of women out there who would love to have their own big exciting adventure!  
Maybe you want to travel the world like I did.
Maybe you want to start your own online business.
Maybe you would adore your name on a book but wonder if you could really write one.
Maybe you simply want to get back in touch with the old you and feel like yourself again.

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We now travel full time and are currently exploring South East Asia.  I write by the beach two days a week and hold the hand of other women who are keen to quite the normal life they've been living and DO SOMETHING AMAZING!
If an ordinary person like me can do it, SO CAN YOU!  
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