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When we decided to travel for a year we knew that we would need to collect every cheap travel resource we could find!  We made it 11 months before we ran out of cash!

We’ve listed here the services we used while we were away and these are the very same travel resources we plan to use when we set off more permanently in 2015.

Hope you get some bargains by using these guys!

Hostelbookers – We used hostelbookers for almost all of our accommodation needs in SE Asia and Egypt.  We found piles of cheap deals, many at the last minute.  You can also try Hostelworld if Hostelbookers doesn’t find you what you need – but they add a fee on which sometimes makes them a tiny bit more expensive (like a dollar or something!)  Always read the reviews before you book!

AirBnB – We have used this homestay site extensively both in Australia and overseas.  There are some great bargains to be had and if you are really stuck for choices you can usually find something on AirBnB.  It would be remiss of me not to point out that this travel resource has one downside.  Sometimes the pricing that appears on the site is not correct.  We saw rooms in the UK for $20 per room per night but when we enquired that was actually the per person price (making it $80 – way outside our budget!).  So always send an email first to confirm the price before you book.  You need to pay immediately so you don’t want to come unstuck when you arrive with more people than you paid for!  Also be aware of the fees you have to pay before you book.  Just sayin’!

Kayak – We used Kayak to find cheap flights.  Then we went to the website of the actual airlines and a couple of times got another couple of bucks off by booking direct.  Sometimes they wouldn’t take our Australian credit cards and it was back to Kayak but mostly it worked for us!  You have no idea how cheap you can get flights until you start looking!

Wikipedia – I know this seems wierd as a travel resource but do a search in Wikipedia to find which budget airlines fly to or from the place you want to go.  Then go to Kayak or direct to the airline’s page and see what you can get!  Sometimes the really budget airlines aren’t included in the search engines – sneaky huh?

Air Asia – I’m in love with Air Asia!  Cheap flights, nice cabin crew (remember you have to pay for every single thing on board though!) and clean planes.  Sometimes they even have zero $ flights – you just pay the fees!!  AND you can book as little as 4 hours before the flight.  I swear I fantasise about deciding to go to Malaysia and just booking a flight for tonight!  Keep.  Me.  Away!!

1Cover Travel Insurance – You should never, ever leave home without travel insurance.  This is the company we use and they have cover for a year!  Awesome!  You can do everything online (research, quote, purchase etc) and you get a discount the next time you book with them.  We’ve found them great – though we’ve never had to make a claim!

Please keep in mind that some of these links may earn us a small commission if you click on them and make a booking while many won’t.  We use these small commissions to put towards our love of souvenir hat pins!  The cost to you is the same whether you use our link or google the deals yourself.  Enjoy!


Travel Resources — 5 Comments

  1. Good resources to look up while researching travel methods 🙂

    We haven’t needed travel insurance (yet) but would use it for when we do go on our cruise!
    And yep its important to look for cheaper ways to travel – I love the idea of “Free Camping” and backpackers – great places to meet others!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Whats Going OnMy Profile

    • Yep – meeting other people sure is the best part about travel Lisa! You might get lucky when you book your cruise – sometimes the travel insurance is included. Or if you book with a credit card there’s a 7 or 14 day travel insurance coverage there too. Every bit of savings adds up hey?

  2. Great article! I’ve had good experiences using AirBnB, and AirAsia looks like an incredible resource, since I’m preparing to head off on some extended travel in Asia. Thanks!
    Tia recently posted..About You!My Profile

    • Tia – Do you know it’s almost impossible to leave a comment on your blog? I gave up after a couple of tries because I was in a hurry. COOL FISH though!!

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