Travel Preparations Are Not For The Faint Hearted!

Travel preparations are not for the faint hearted.  What an understatement that is turning out to be!!

We have managed to survive the first very big step which was packing up the house and putting everything into storage.  This went surprisingly well by our standards.  Certainly when we have moved house in the past there has been very little preparation before the day and we’ve spent the next week moving loose items and cleaning the old house while the new house sits in dissarray and some items NEVER, EVER get unpacked!! (Anyone who has been mad enough to offer to assist can attest to the lack of organisation that has taken place!)

As I headed off to work leaving Gert to deal with the removalists, I marvelled that there wasn’t a single box that had been packed in panic!  No random items thrown in at the last minute as we heard the truck pull up!  If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have even had time to get McDonalds for brekky for us all!

There was a moment with this move where our eyes met, and we knew we had pulled it off!  Of course we told each other we were awesome!!

Then there was a procession of window cleaners, house cleaners, garden people, pest control men, carpet cleaners etc.  All up it cost us just over $2000 to move which was budgeted for months ago but still hurt my feelings to cough up in just 2 days!!

After all these weeks of squirrelling away every little cent and checking how much interest we had earned each month it was heartbreaking to have to transfer money out of the account to be spent!!  But it has made me even more determined to get the stash topped up!!

Our move was completed in the same week that we had Brittney’s Formal and Graduation, Grandma’s visit from England and a very important Breaking Dawn movie to see!  It was frantic and now it’s done!

So, now we are living in a granny flat I found on AirBnB and it is awesome!!  It’s a bit of a long drive to work each day and then again home each night but it’s a cute little flat and is just what we need to get us through until we move to a friend’s house on 10 December.  AND it’s near the beach!!  I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to use AirBnB a bit earlier as we will make bookings with those guys when we are overseas – for some reason I didn’t consider it when booking here (weird!)

Next jobs are as follows:

  • Get tax returns completed
  • Start posting again (I have withdrawal symptoms!)
  • Chase up Jono’s birth certificate and get his passport
  • Collect girls passports from the postoffice when they arrive
  • Make some serious concrete plans for the first month that we will be away

With only 58 days to go things are getting serious now!!

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Travel Preparations Are Not For The Faint Hearted! — 4 Comments

  1. You guys are awesome! When we went on our 6 month road trip a few years ago we rented out our house furnished. We did not include our garage as part of the rented space and just moved some of our more personal things in the garage. And it was a ton of work! And much less daunting than what you are doing! We are taking notes though on your activities as we plan our own RTW for a few years from now.
    Clark Vandeventer recently posted..In Santa Barbara it’s time to overcome trouble in paradiseMy Profile

    • Hi Clark! I have to say the thing that has thrown the most spanner in our works was not having time to go on the internet. At the time we moved I had a pile of ebay auctions almost finishing and numerous unfinished posts on this site that I just had to decide to ignore for the last few days! It’s funny how that little thing can make you feel all out of whack! I’ll need to practice this as we move from country to country and may be offline for several days at a time – I can feel withdrawal symptoms coming on!

  2. That must again have been a serious moment or step towards that traveling lifestyle: packing and moving all your stuff. That whole preparations sometimes turns into a psychological warfare I can assume. It surely changes you as a person, and you are not yet even traveling…Wow, what an amazing preparations. It’s getting serious now! Good luck and enjoy the beach!
    Emiel recently posted..Galactic Travel: Occupy SpaceMy Profile

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