Travel Planning Tips & Tricks #3 – Use Up All Your Pretty Stuff!

Use stuff before your life changing year!

We hope you’re enjoying our Travel Planning Tips & Tricks series.  You can click on the links to see Tip #1 and Tip #2!

We all have pretty stuff that we are saving for a special occasion.  Or things that are too pretty to use.  You know – the things that are taking up a pile of room in your cupboards.  Check out the list below and think of all the stuff you have hiding right now:

  • That pretty soap the kids gave you for Mother’s day 5 years ago!
  • The beautiful (expensive) perfume that your hubby gave you that time he actually remembered your birthday!
  • Those Christmas candles that you only bring out once a year and then don’t light because you worry someone will knock them over and burn the house down!
  • Your favourite tie (or tie pin or cufflinks) that are only for special occasions (so you never really wear them!)
  • The good china/formal cutlery/fancy glass serving bowls that you use every third year when you host Christmas at your house.
  • The huge pile of craft gear that you own and don’t let the kids use because they might ruin it!

You get the picture right?

Let me tell you that all this pretty stuff is just piling up in your house and weighing you down.

If you are planning a long-term travel escape and are going to have to start going through your possessions you should take stock of this “good” stuff right now and start using it up!

When we got ready to travel, we had only a 6 month window to get ready.  Which wasn’t really much time to use up all the stuff we had been accumulating!

So you know what happened?  We sold/gave away/threw out our special stuff that we didn’t use up in time!  We had no way to take it with us and a year in storage wasn’t going to be kind to pretty perfumes!  We also wanted to minimise our storage expenses so couldn’t really justify storing things we hadn’t even used in years!


  • Those pretty candles we had never burned – sold them at a garage sale for $2 each!
  • The ties and stuff to go with – gave them to lifeline as they were never ever going to get used.  Gert is a truck driver so formal attire is not really required!  If we ever get invited to a fancy wedding we’ll just borrow someone else’s stuff.
  • The pretty soaps – used them in the shower.  Not in a fabulous bubble bath with candles and a good book as I had envisioned 100 years ago when I received them.  Just in an everyday shower as we got ready for work and school!  SO SAD!  But necessary!
  • The nice expensive perfumes – I used these up – there was no way I was throwing them out!  I smelled great for 6 months and wondered why I had been saving them all this time!
  • Nice plates/cutlery – We kept the stuff we occasionally used and sold the rest at a garage sale.  $70 glassware going for $5 – broke my heart!  Some of it was brand new and had never been out of its box!  The formal cutlery was chucked in the drawer with the rest and is now being used daily since we are home.  Who are we kidding – we only ever have our friends around during the day – we very rarely do anything spesh at home!
  • Craft gear – This is the worst one.  Do you really think it matters if a 10 year old uses the stamps and there’s then ink on the wooden handle?  Will the world end if glitter gets onto the stamp pad?  Wouldn’t you rather spend time using those items to do craft than admiring them all pretty on the office shelf?  (And tempting your kid to sneak them off to his room for a turn and then risking black ink on the cream carpet!!)  We sold most of our craft items and we had lots!  I promised myself from here on in we will use everything and it will die a long, overused death!!

Travelling showed us that the things we’ve listed above don’t even matter in the scheme of things!  What matters is time spent together and great memories of those times!

Pretty soaps and craft items are no substitute for family time and having a house that is clear of clutter and cupboards that aren’t full of “good” items you are hoarding!

So go check your bathroom cupboards and start using that soap.  Try out the perfume you’ve been saving.  Use that craft stuff to make goodbye cards for family and friends before you leave!

Get started right now on using up your pretty stuff!

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Travel Planning Tips & Tricks #3 – Use Up All Your Pretty Stuff! — 8 Comments

    • You’re so right Barb. Even if you’re not off on a long term adventure you should use up all the pretty stuff! I’m always reminded of those emails that go around when people say if they had their time over they’d use the good china and burn the candles!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. Travel is one of the favorite words and whenever I plan for travel, I got so excited and in the rush I forget to pack some important stuffs which requires during travel time. Anyways thanks for providing very helpful travel planning tips and tricks. By following these tips I’ll be able to make any travel plan successful. 🙂

    • I occasionally forget something too – usually when I’m packing up to come home!

      Stay tuned – we have loads more travel tips to come!

  2. Hi! We’re the new kids on the block, we’re leaving on this crazy family travel odyssey thing in 4 months time ( 6 months of saving already). I only just found your blog. How is that possible? Although the diarrhoea on the plane sounds familiar, I must have seen that one a while ago. I’ve been following Gabi, Erin, Bethaney et al. for months! Anyway, glad I’m here and, yes, craft stuff is toast! You want to make an origami yoda with glitter, felt and my best ribbon? Sure! Birthday card for the cat with sparkle paper and decoupage? Of course my love! But we sold all the good kitchen stuff, and the bed. We’re sleeping on the floor and I love it! Off to read more. Are you back or still on the road? Alyson ( Port Douglas for now)
    Alyson recently posted..Rat Temple NepalMy Profile

    • Oh Alyson you made me laugh with this. You best ribbon….hahahahaha!!! All this time later Jono still looks like he can’t believe his luck when I say yes instead of no!! You’re sleeping on the floor already? Impressive – you must be much more organised than I was!!! We are back in Brissie for at least two years before our next adventure! I’ve been reading your blog posts!! And I’m so pleased you’re not sure you remember us but you remember the plane debacle. My work in this life is done……….

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