Travel Planning Tips & Tricks #2 – Make A List Of Everything You Have To Do Before You Leave

Make a list of everything.  Travel Planning Tips From Life Changing Year #2.

Here’s the second of our new travel planning tips and tricks series.  You can read the first tip here.


Once you decide to go away for an extended period of travel there are a whole heap of things that you will need to attend to.

If you are going on a short vacation you will need to think about things like pet feeding, mail collection, lawn mowing, holding milk or food deliveries and house security while you are away.  Then you need to make a list of all the planning associated with your actual holiday.

I love lists and find they can help to make sure the small details are not overlooked! (Except that when we boarded our plane for our Life Changing Year I kinda realised I had a direct debit I’d forgotten to cancel! Cue frantic efforts to contact Australia from Kuala Lumpur once we arrived!)

Yep – I’ve been there and bought the T-shirt!  That’s how I know I can help you guys with this stuff!

If you plan to go on a much longer trip or perhaps even head off indefinitely then you have a LOAD more items to add to your planning list!
As well as the basic things already mentioned above you can expect to have to deal with some or all of the following:

  • Permanent mail redirection (and you’ll need someone to open your mail and forward any important items to you)
  • Finding new homes for your household pets.
  • Cancelling all direct debits (ahem!)
  • Deciding what to sell, give away or keep
  • Planning the sales – ebay, garage sales, facebook sales etc
  • Sorting out your money
  • Working out how to handle your job
  • Kids education

And many, many other important details.

So get yourself a fresh sheet of paper or open up a new document on your computer (I prefer a spreadsheet!)  Then just start writing!!

Just do a complete brain dump and write any old thing you can think of that you’ll need to take care of.  Kids, animals, work, household, possessions – just get it all down on paper and keep writing until you can’t think of anything else.

Then put the list aside for a day or so.  Extra things will pop into your head over the next couple of days and you can start adding those to your list whenever you get the chance.

Once you have a fairly long list (and it will be long!) you can start to get it in some order.  I like a spreadsheet for this because I can number the items and then the spreadsheet will sort them into order for me!  Yep – I’m lazy!!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the list.  We’ll show you in later tips to come how to split the tasks up into bite size pieces so you can get them all completed in time!

The tips that we are sharing with you have come from our own list that we used when we started to plan our Life Changing Year adventure.  Use our tips to supplement your own list and remind you of things you might have forgotten!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the planning needed and are worried you might forget something (can anyone say Home Alone?) consider popping your email address into the box below to get first notification of our Travel Planning Course and Membership Site that will soon be ready to be opened to the public.  You’ll get a sneaky discount just for being on this initial exclusive mailing list too!!

Our membership site will explain in detail every one of these planning tips plus provide you with worksheets, downloads and videos to help you get your planning done in the least amount of time!  Why reinvent the wheel when we’ll tell you all the info up front and save you the hassle?  Chuck your email address in the box now…….

Leave us a comment and let us know what things you usually forget to do before you go on holiday….

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