Travel Planning Tips & Tricks #1 – Work Out How Much Time You Have To Execute Your Plan

Travel Planning Tips & Tricks #1.  How much time you have!

Welcome to our brand new travel planning series!  We met so many people in our Life Changing Year travels, both in person and online, and we realised how daunting they find all the planning prior to leaving home.

Our Travel Planning Course and membership site will be coming soon to help people on this journey and in the meantime we are launching this free travel planning series to help everybody get a handle on all the planning tasks.

These tips are not just for those planning long term travel.  Many of them can also be employed by those taking shorter trips.  Use them to help you simplify your planning even if you’re planning a two week vacation!


Do you leave on your vacation in 4 weeks, 3 months or a year?  How long you have to plan will determine what you can get completed and whether you need any help to get through all your tasks.

If you have 4 weeks to plan and you’ll be travelling for 6 months you need to get cracking!  On the other hand if you’re leaving in 6 months you can have a much calmer planning period.

Work out the date you’ll be leaving, write it down in your diary or whatever calendar you use and work out how much time that leaves you to plan.  Break it up into months, weeks, days or whatever snippets you want to measure it in.  This will help you split up all your tasks.

You may have to reverse engineer your leaving date!  i.e. work out how much money you will need for your trip, then work out how long roughly you think you’ll need to save – then you can come up with your leaving date!

Beware – this is the easiest planning activity you’ll have to do!!

Next week’s tip will help you decide exactly what those tasks are that you need to complete before you leave on your big adventure!

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Travel Planning Tips & Tricks #1 – Work Out How Much Time You Have To Execute Your Plan — 2 Comments

  1. Can you please provide tips on managing money during travel? This is because everything else works but without money nothing can be done. Anyways the trips and tricks are very nice! 🙂

    • Hey Mellisa – thanks for dropping by! I do have some money tips planned for saving, making extra cash etc. plus we have a post planned for next week on managing your money on the road – is there anything specific you’d like me to cover?

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