Travel Immunisations – Get yours in Bangkok and save a fortune!

After much agonising about travel immunisations we decided to get ours in Thailand.  There were many hundreds of dollars to be saved but in reality we took so long to get on to organising them that we were out of time for the Rabies and Hepatitis shots that needed three jabs over a month!!!

So we decided on Thailand.  How did we decide this?  Derr….we googled!!

And this is what we found….

I actually found several family travel blogs that lead me to the Thai Travel Clinic.  Everything else seemed to be official stuff advising us to get jabbed in our own country!  But that’s not how we roll……..

The Thai Travel Clinic does super cheap vaccinations and anyone can attend.  You don’t even need to make an appointment!  Just rock up with your passport, see a doctor and tell them what you need.  They close at 4pm according to our cards (or 6pm if you believe the signwriting on the door!) so leave yourself plenty of time to get through their system.

We were there for a couple of hours the first time.  We needed to get registered on the system, have our blood pressure taken, visit with the doctor and go through what we all needed.  Then we had to go downstairs and pay for our medication, show our receipt at the pickup window and toddle back upstairs to have our actual jabs.

After than we were required to stay for 30 minutes to be observed.

All of us ended up getting needles for Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis and Typhoid.  On top of that Gert, Jono and I had to get the Hepatitis A&B jab as well.  The girls had already had this in high school so they were off the hook!

Here we are prior to our jabs the first visit.

Everyone was smiling and laughing and making jokes.

When we returned for our second visit we rocked up late in the afternoon (we didn’t know about the 4pm closing!) and we had to get our jabs in a different room.  I was sick with a cold on this visit and felt faint after getting my needles.  I was meant to hold Jono’s hand but Gert had to do it as I quickly stuck my head between my knees.  Both girls thought this was hilarious and Brittney recounted the time I fainted when my ankle was in plaster.  One second I’m asking for Coke, the next the laptop and table are sailing across the room and I’m face down on the floor.  She always reminds me how I said I felt so much better once I hit the deck!!

And true to Pedersen form there’s a photo of me feeling hideous!!

And Jono not thinking this was so much fun anymore!!

And of course everyone else was having a great time!

On our third visit we appeared nice and early in the day but Gert and I were both sufferring serious sunburn.  We helped ourselves to the electronic scales while we were waiting and were horrified to discover we had put on a little bit of weight.  But then we realised the fluid in our ankles from our sunburn was probably the culprit!

Gert’s shirt had tight-ish sleeves so the nurses suggested he take his shirt off for his injections.  They closed the door so we couldn’t see him and he proceeded to make loud, pained sounds – just pretending they were hurting him!!!

Of course once they saw his sunburn and learned that it looked like that even after 4 days they insisted that we had to see a doctor!  Our big fat swollen ankles could have had something to do with that too!

We got ourselves two types of special “cweam” and I scored some tablets to try to get my ankles a bit skinnier as well (too bad it doesn’t work on the rest of your body!)

All in all we were super impressed with the Thai Travel Clinic.  They are super polite, very organised and very gentle when administering the injections.  Even on the day when we were late they didn’t turn us away – even waiting until we were leaving to let us know that they were actually closed!!  lol

Our total costs for 3 visits for immunisations over the course of 21 days, including 2 months supply of Malaria tablets for 5 people, was approximately AU$680.  That’s just AU$136 each.  In Australia it was AU$110 each, just to visit the travel doctor – that’s before a single injection was given!!!

So we saved a small fortune that is much better spent on travel adventures!

The clinic is easy to find and get to.  We got the train to the Victory Monument and then walked to the clinic.  If you check out this link to the Thai Travel Clinic you can see their current price list.  Once you are on their site there is also a link to the location of the clinic, complete with a Thai version of their map!

Well worth investigating if you are thinking of travelling and need to get your own immunisations.

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