Travel for a year – 7 things I will not miss!


Travel for a year – a dream of long term family travel for a lot of people is soon to become our reality on our life changing year!

As I was cleaning the bathroom this afternoon I got to wondering how many more times I have to do it.  It was probably the bleach killing my brain cells that got me doing a loose tally in my head: once a week, 17 more weeks or so = Less than 20 more times cleaning the bathroom – Yippee!!

As the chemicals were really sinking in about this time, I decided to take a break and write this post about all the things I will not miss on our life changing year! (Now that I have a website I spend most of my day thinking what to write next – it is indeed a sickness!!).

So here’s my list of all the crap things I will not miss next year.  The things we all have to do when we get sucked into a life of routine and repetition.  The things that I will poke my tongue at for a whole 12 months while we travel the world on a budget!

  1. Racing at 6am to get the 10 year old out of bed to put the bin out on the street.  Nothing gets you instantly awake like the sound of the garbage truck outside your window emptying everyone else’s bin except yours!!!  Jono will also benefit with less heart pounding and much less shame from rushing on to the street in his undies!  I suspect it will add an extra 5 years on to his life expectancy overall!!
  2. Housework.  Bahahaha – 12 months with no real housework makes the trip worthwhile before any of the other benefits even kick in!!!  I will cook when needed, we’ll do the dishes together quickly and pop whatever rubbish we have straight into the bin.  Besides the odd quick vacuum or tidy in self-contained lodgings to avoid paying for cleaning, I plan to do the bare minimum.  I hate housework.  I hate the splitting up of the chores.  I hate reminding small bodies that it’s their night for dishes, that their bathroom looks like rabid dogs have moved in, that carpets do not vacuum themselves and that I am not their maid (Ok – I like doing that last one – usually VERY loudly).
  3. Bill Paying.  There are no bills on holiday!  Not even an address where bills can be mailed to!  So I won’t have to remember to pay the car rego, phone bill, power bill, gas bill etc etc etc.  Or any of the late fees that come along when I forget!!  Not only will I not have to remember to pay the bill, I won’t even be incurring the expense!!  Yippee – I will enjoy a 12 month reprieve from a plain envelope in the mail containing an innocent looking piece of paper which can have me jibbering in the corner over the amount that could feed a third-world village for a month!!  Do we really use that much power in just 3 months?  No more!
  4. School permission slips.  I hate those things.  Once they get in the house, there’s no getting them out.  Even if you do remember to sign them and attach the required cash, the kid doesn’t remember to return them to school and you end up fielding calls from the office with teachers chucking in little Johnny’s (or little Jono’s in my case!) $2 and promises from parent to pay them back tomorrow.  Such drama over innocent swimming, drama, excursion, farm day etc notes. (Which reminds me – I think I owe $45 for swimming!!!!)  Too hard – while travelling for a year I will give my permission by paying for whatever excursion is at hand and taking the kids on it myself!
  5. Laundry.  While we are not giving up wearing clothes next year (!) we will have about 1/20th of what we have now – maybe even less if I can get those 42 shirts out of Kate’s backpack before we leave!  75 litre backbacks don’t fit too much.  Laundry will be once a week and people will soon learn that if all the colours don’t match we’ll be living in tie-die colours really quickly!!!  Small people will be re-wearing clothes without washing (shock horror).  Anything put forward for washing which hasn’t been worn (say the wearee can’t remember if it’s clean or dirty) will be thrown away or donated.  I imagine this lesson will be learned at breakneck speed!  I expect there to be some tears.
  6. Odd Socks.  While this technically comes under the heading of laundry, in our house it deserves it’s own point.  We currently have 64 (yes – I counted) odd socks in our washing bag.  64 poor single little cotton numbers that were once part of a couple but have since parted ways.  We collect these little darlings and pop them all into the odd-sock-bag which is now almost an odd-sock-suitcase!!  We hope their partners will return someday.  Sometimes we wear the odd socks if it’s just with jeans because really, no-one will notice and the single socks are still good!  The time of the odd-sock-bag is drawing to a close.  While we travel for a year, there will be clean socks in backpacks or dirty socks in laundry bags and any that come out of the washing as single entities will go in the bin.  There won’t be time to await the return of the missing partner as we’ll be off to the next stop!  In early November our sock bag and it’s contents are going in the bin.  Each of them doomed to remain single forever!
  7. Lawnmowers.  I hate lawnmowers.  I hate the noise they make.  I hate that the neighbours are legally allowed to use them after waiting until just 7am!!    Even if I was awake at 6am, I get grumpy when I hear that mower start up.  I hate hearing them at work when the gardners descend on our site for the regular chop.  While I love the smell of freshly cut grass, I hate the smell of the bag of clippings that sit for a week before SOME people get rid of them.  I especially hate the smell of our garage and lawnmower today (the lawn was mowed two days ago).  I hope to avoid all sight and sound of lawnmowers for 12 whole months.  And if I run across one I will remove myself until it’s offending noise has ceased (I’ve always suspected that the reason I hate the sound is that it says to my subconscious “Get up and do something lazy bones!!”)  If we still had a dog, I may have added dog-poo under the lawnmower category – anyone with a dog will know why!!

So there you have my list of the 7 things I WILL NOT MISS while we have a year of travel.  These are the mundane, the boring, the repetitive items that annoy the crap out of me!!  My freedom from these small thorns in my side will be worth everything we are having to do to get ourselves ready to go!  You’d be amazed what I will go through to get away from a lawnmower!!!

When it gets closer to January and we are nearly ready to leave, I imagine my thoughts will turn to all the things we WILL MISS while we are overseas.  I may well give you that list when the time gets nearer.

For now my thoughts are on how awesome it’s going to be, what an adventure we will have, all the amazing people we will meet and spend time with, the fabulous experience the kids will receive and basically how to maintain our weight-loss while we are away!!  (All the important stuff really!)

Besides people, right now I can’t think of ONE THING that I will miss!

Feel free to comment by clicking on the little exclamation mark at the top, right if there’s anything you will not, or do not miss about home once the travelling starts!!

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Travel for a year – 7 things I will not miss! — 6 Comments

  1. we go to asia a lot. I love it there – a second home if you will. But I always miss in this order – my bed, the cats, the dogs, real cheese & mashed potato. Usually takes at least a week for the missig to kick in. Strangely enough I never miss work, housework or bills. Funny that!!

      • well no not REAL mashed potato. They have deb potato (erk) and you can get french fries. A hint – make sure you are very careful what you order Sometimes Chips are potato chips from a packet (ie samboy’s or smiths). lol Its rather funny the first time you get a hamburger and potato chips instead of fries but after that it gets a bit annoying. lol

  2. I am with you on this one. I hate all the mundane tasks of life. Somehow I can take care of a family while traveling and all the moving parts that go along, but ask me to pay bills, do laundry or get the car registered and I am miserable.

    A tip for you daughter and her 14 shirts…make her carry the backpack the next time you go on a extended outing. Make her walk a mile with it on maybe. I backpacked through europe and my pack killed me. I ended up throwing out half my stuff. I wish I would have carried it around a bit before I took it to Europe!
    Monica recently posted..How to Make Your iPhone the Ultimate Travel AccessoryMy Profile

    • Thanks Monica! That’s great advice. I think we all need to pack up our goodies and go for a hike around the neighborhood! Will probably give our neighbors a few laughs at the same time!

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