Travel For 6 Months, Get Yourself A Totally New Life!

When we set off in January we wondered if we were having a mid-life crisis!

Instead of splitting up, dating young hot people (snort!) and Gert getting himself a Porshe, we decided to sell most of our stuff, quit our jobs and set off for a year of world travel with the kids we still had at home.

Those of you who’ve been with us from the start will remember when I posted about how my fear of failure had been conquered just by knowing I was finally going to do something “big” in my life.  The panic of being ordinary disappeared and I felt at peace.

It turns out being freeeeeeeeee suits me!!

For the last month those inner voices have been celebrating their comeback!  On the road we’ve discovered what many other long term travellers discover…..

Life will never be the same for us again!

Every time I think about returning home and slipping into our old ways I feel sick.  This is what I know right now.

  • I don’t want to work 50 hours a week for someone else.
  • I don’t want to just see my kids for a few hours at night and on weekends.  (This is an amazing revelation to me!)
  • I don’t want Gert to be home for 10 hours and not lay eyes on any of us before he leaves again!
  • I don’t want to start filling our house with useless crap (unless it’s made by Apple – then it is a necessity of life of course!)
  • I want to create something that helps other people.
  • I want to inspire others to do big things in their lives.
  • Quite simply, I want more.  And I want to give more back.

So.  This is what is happening.  Starting today.

I’ve launched a brand new website called (This was originally No More Vanilla Living but I moved it because I can!  This site will be all about living an awesome, rich, chocolate-filled life and earning the cashola to do it.  And not just big money.  A little bit extra here and there too.  Giving up our boring vanilla ways and adding a rich streak into everything we do.  I’d be thrilled if you would check it out and like the new facebook page as well.  It’s probably not quite ready to be launched to the world but hey, now it’s done!

We have another website – Las Vegas Tourist Site – which we have neglected a little bit (travelling full time takes effort you know!!)  This one will be getting a lot more updates and all the information we have been collecting for this one will finally be posted.  Feel free to like that new Las Vegas facebook page too!!  You should be able to use this as a great resource for your own trip to Las Vegas once we give it a tiny bit more love!

I’ll also be writing two eBooks over the next 3 months.  One will be a roundup of all the funny things that have happened to us while we’ve been travelling.  There will be some new stories that you haven’t heard yet as well as some of the best-loved posts from this blog.  Gems like me flashing the timeshare group in Las Vegas and Jono peeing on the bus!!  I’ll be testing inappropriate titles on you guys over the next couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to your participation!  I wonder what’s the most outrageous title we can come up with?

The second book is a short travel guide that will be available on Amazon – more info on this when the time gets closer.

Next we’ll be making some changes to the Life Changing Year blog.

Almost 2000 people a month visit this site.  Yes, friends at home, can you believe it?  2000 people every month visit and read and hopefully get a giggle.  This amazes me since we originally set out just to keep friends and family up to date with our travels and have a quick go-to point so everyone would know we weren’t dead in the event of an earthquake!!

So far this site has been all about us.

  • Last year Gert and I lost over 50kg between us.
  • This year we’ve chucked it all in and travelled the world.
  • Next year we have goals to work on a passive income.  We like our freedom and we are keen for more travel adventures.

Those things are super exciting to us!  We will have had three Life Changing Years in a row!!

However, as much as I love to talk about myself I’ve felt faintly like we’re not helping anyone else – unless a good belly laugh can really be traced to good health – in which case you should all have low cholesterol and your diabetes is probably cured!!

Part of me being bothered about being ordinary stems from not helping people.  Prior to children, I dreamed of going to Africa and volunteering with children.  No-one ever knew this except for me.  But now is the time to start helping others.  Now when people say “I wish I could do what you have done” I’ll be able to say “Actually, I can help you with that!

From now on there’ll be more information coming from us.  More details on the places we have visited.  Better links to related sights so you can plan your own adventures if you so choose.  Maybe even some pricing and opening hours.  You spend all that time reading our posts – we feel like we should spend a little more time and make the information particularly useful to you.

Don’t worry – we won’t ever get too serious.  The writing will continue to be in the same vein!

Zany.  Funny.  Oddball.

We might even include tips specifically for avoiding grizzly bears on trains!  Or maybe we’ll explain some new naughty travel games!!

The title of our blog and the tone of our adventures has meant that recently we have:

  • Received queries by email from others wanting to have their own life changing year.
  • Been asked for weight loss tips by complete strangers.
  • Had comments on facebook that others think we are an inspiration!
  • Fielded requests for merchandise printed with Life Changing Year!
  • Had requests from others to help them on various projects!!
  • Many people just wanting help to set up their own blog!

All this is exciting stuff and has helped me to be sure that my secret need to help others while working for myself should be brought out into the open.

As part of the changes to this site we will also be starting to post about how others can make plans for their own Life Changing Year.  Some people might just want to have a Life Changing Month.  That’s OK too.

There’s no right or wrong way to be awesome!!

There’ll be merchandise coming soon for your enjoyment.  I’m excited to get my very own Life Changing Year T-Shirt!

We’ll be accepting guest posts from inspirational people, showing you ways to make the changes you need in your own life and just possibly introducing an exclusive programme to bring it all together!!

All of that means you will see small occasional changes to the blog.  For instance we will start to review the products we have used while travelling and an advertising tab will be added to the site this week.  We’ve worked out that if we can earn some income from this site it will be much easier for us to give back.  There are causes we want to support – all of these require good old cash!

I’ve just completed a copywriting course which means in the future I will also be able to offer copywriting services for brand new websites needing sales pages or just those needing a makeover!

Shortly I’ll be able to make a basic iPhone App for your company too!  Can you imagine having your own App?

I’m also experiencing a burning desire to design a line of handbags that have custom spots for ipads, iphones and ipods.  Pretty handbags – not those boring, heavy leather objects that are masquerading as women’s handbags at present!  I’m thinking pink, things that dangle and glitter!!  This may have to wait until we get back to Asia to find a manufacturer but if anyone has any ideas – I’m all ears!!

Now regular readers, do not panic.  I know there are over 400 of you every month that return over and over to read our stuff!  None of these changes will effect our current readers who are tuning in for a funny story every now and then!  Those will continue as will our Favourite Fotos!  We still have 6 months of travel – imagine the mischief we can still get up to – especially since it’s back to SE Asia for the last bit!!

When we finally go home in early 2013 we’ll be able to choose how we want our lives to be.  We will choose whether we go back to work.  We will choose how much we see our kids.  We will choose where we live and how we live.

Stay tuned for the changes – We’re so excited to be bringing them to you!!

To make sure you don’t miss a single update make sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter! You can also get our RSS feed if you don’t come back to the blog that often!

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Travel For 6 Months, Get Yourself A Totally New Life! — 10 Comments

    • Hey Nancy – thanks for dropping by!! We’ve sure had fun for six months. Hoping to make the rest of our time just as awesome!!

    • Hey!! You found us!! I hope it will be exciting – I’m super excited to start helping some other people!!

  1. Hi everybody,
    I have been following your trip since you last left KL. It is very exciting in tthe way you fill your life. Look forward to your future plans.


    • Oh Hassan!! We were just talking about you yesterday! I’m so glad you’ve been following along! We got off to such a good start when we stayed with you!! And we tell everyone about those green pancakes!! I’ll be writing a post about AirBnB soon which includes some pics we took with you guys. Hope we see you again!

    • Hey Malcolm – get her reading some travel blogs. And a bit of compromise goes a long way!! Maybe our blog is not the best place to start though!! There are lots out there that don’t mention upset tummies, crazy bus rides and missing luggage!!

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