Travel Ain’t Fun With Only Half The Team!

Travel aint fun in Malacca!  Flat tire on Helicopter - Museum in Malacca, Malaysia

Jono and I are currently languishing in Malaysia kinda waiting to go home (as Jono puts it!)

I say languishing because it feels like prison! We are like the flat tyre above.!ย  We are on our own without the rest of the family. What we probably both though was going to be awesome fun is AWFUL!

Britt went home at the end of May so we’ve had time to get used to being just four.

Gert and Kate flew home last week so they could both return to work. We were a bit downcast in the days leading up to them leaving but when it came time to part ways on the bus Kate cried and Jono announced darkly “it won’t be the same”.

Jono and I continued on to Malacca because quite frankly it’s one of the cheapest places we can hang out without having to stay in a shared dorm. We are staying at Tony’s Guesthouse – I’ll be supplying you a review next week of this awesome place!

Tony makes amazing breakfasts but even those weren’t enough to keep us cheered up. We skipped the last two mornings and stayed in our room. There’s been no blog posting. Minor Facebook activity. Grumbling at each other. Late nights and even later wake-ups. I’ve had a cold and fever. Nice.

Turns out without the rest of the family travel sux!

An outing is not an outing without playmates – we can’t even be bothered to go out.

For a fairly independent family before we left in January we’ve turned into a touchy-feely emotional lot!

Brittney missed Jono after she went home!

I’m shocked to say I miss Gert! I’ve spent over 10 years with him working as an interstate truck driver, only home one or two nights most weeks. When he was home, I was often out running kids around or doing things planned weeks in advance without him as we never knew when he would be home.

The thought of not being home for Christmas to have everyone together is devastating to me.

I miss my oldest son, Matthew. I haven’t seen him in over a year.

I haven’t talked to my Dad since we left either. Withdrawal symptoms much?

We’ve spent Easters, birthdays, Valentine’s day, father’s and mother’s days and New Years Eves apart for years and years. Never gave it a second thought. Work first, play later has always been our family motto.

That’s a shit motto.

It’s wrong on so many levels and is hereby consigned to the scrap heap of stupid sayings.

All those special occasions should be spent together.

Birthdays matter – not for presents and more crap but for people.

Christmas is important. Again not for crap but for tradition, and family and spending time together with people you like and laughing.ย  And baking cookies….I want to bake cookies!!

Valentine’s Day is still a stupid idea. No change there!

So Jono and I will be home for Christmas. If it means we have to camp in the local park (of which we are SO capable and not afraid these days!).

We’ll be there.

Right after we eat a lot of ice-cream.

(Obviously I’ve lost my mind and am still feverish judging from all this emotion – if you want to see what I’m usually like click here and remember toย  follow us on Facebook and twitter! You can also get our RSS feed so you never miss a post!!ย  Our usual irreverent programming will resume tomorrow!

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Travel Ain’t Fun With Only Half The Team! — 5 Comments

    • Yep – it’s like I’m missing a limb – SO ODD! We’ve had large amounts of icecream 2 days in a row which has improved our outlook and we’re feeling better. We will be home by mid December. We won’t last longer than that!!

  1. Haha, who knew travel would tap your previously unplumbed emotional depths?! I don’t like it. No – kidding – it’s very sweet! But then you must have been a fairly close lot to even consider travelling so extensively with one another, this has just brought your luurve for one another to the surface. Gags slightly. Swallows sick. As you can see, I am also still very touchy feely and super sensitive ๐Ÿ˜€

    But, in seriousness, I’ve loved your blogs, have enjoyed feeling like part of your adventures, and I look forward to your book. You were right about the Life Changing bit I suspect ๐Ÿ™‚
    Alison recently posted..Itโ€™s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Sticky, stinky, sweaty and the trifle is melting.My Profile

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