Tracey’s Bucket List – Here it is peeps!

The first steps to completing Tracey's Bucket List!

So some of the Life Changing Year gang have got ourselves settled in Penang for anyone who missed that news and we will be here for the immediate future.  Our most pressing problem at the moment will be how to make sure we earn enough money to avoid eating 2 minute noodles every night (the yukky packaged kind, not the divine soupy kind from the food markets!)

We are on the right track by cutting our expenses though.  As an example of the price differences – our rent here plus Kate’s rent at home is still loads cheaper than our rent in Australia for one house!

And though I should be busy writing articles at the moment I’m sitting here daydreaming about my part-completed bucket list.  So what better idea than to share it with all of you?

And maybe I can convince my boys to give me the top items on their bucket lists and share those with you at a later date too?

So, in no particular order, here’s Tracey’s bucket list (otherwise known as my list of awesome stuff to accomplish before I kick the bucket!)

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Stay in an Ice Hotel
  3. Climb Mount Kinabalu
  4. Hike to Everest Base Camp
  5. Have 4 books published with my name on them! (Two books published on Amazon so far!)
  6. Get myself a cool pen name
  7. Maintain my weight at a comfortable size 12 for 5 years
  8. Eat pizza in Italy
  9. Ride a gondola in Venice
  10. Survive a plane ride into (and out of) Lukla Airport
  11. Learn German fluently
  12. Wash an elephant
  13. Visit all 50 States of the USA (16 so far)
  14. Swim with sharks
  15. Buy an investment property
  16. Manage a guesthouse or hostel full time for at least 2 months
  17. Visit Disneyland Hong Kong
  18. Try Turducken!
  19. Climb a volcano
  20. Visit India
  21. Visit Myanmar
  22. See wildlife in Alaska
  23. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  24. See the Christ the Redeemer statue
  25. Zipline down Fremont Street in Vegas
  26. Cuddle a monkey of some sort with photographic proof
  27. Have a drink at a swim up bar (SUCCESS!  Done 25/5/14)
  28. Eat tacos in Mexico
  29. Get my passport stamped at Checkpoint Charlie
  30. Cruise down Milford sound
  31. Send a letter from Antarctica
  32. Take a mud bath
  33. Attend the Lantern festival in Thailand
  34. Experience a white Christmas
  35. See a panda bear
  36. Visit Forks
  37. Swim in those blue pools in Iceland
  38. Go to Graceland
  39. Make an iPhone App
  40. Volunteer at the Commonwealth Games
  41. Visit the World Expo
  42. Visit Stonehenge
  43. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  44. Have an article published in a ‘real’ magazine
  45. Swim with dolphins
  46. Go a whole year without cooking dinner (It’s May 25 2014 and I haven’t cooked dinner all year!)
  47. Sell a website and make a profit
  48. Eat snake
  49. Try mosaic tiling
  50. Start a successful online store
  51. Stay in an underwater hotel

This is by no means a static list and I’ll be updating it whenever something new and awesome wanders into view!

So what do you think of my list?  Is there anything you think I should add?

Or anything you think is completely crazy (yes, people who know me in real life – I really do want to walk to Everest Base Camp – I never said I wouldn’t complain the whole way!)

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Tracey’s Bucket List – Here it is peeps! — 24 Comments

    • Thanks Jamie – I considered putting the list in some kind of order but couldn’t really be bothered! Can’t wait to wash an elephant – I’d like to cross that one off this year!

    • Ha Kym! The family might need earplugs! I’m excited to have a sherpa help me. Sherpa Gert will no doubt be busy with his own stuff to carry!

  1. Hi, came across your blog after accidentally hitting a different link. Glad I found it, though! This is a great bucket list. Although, may I make another suggestion for you list? How about seeing a glacier, perhaps visit the Glacier National Park? I may be a little biased here (I’m from Montana!).

    Anyway, I do hope you get to complete your bucket list!

    • Some stuff will need money Janine – so I’m starting on the free stuff first. Book writing is my first victim! It costs nothing to publish on Amazon. Just my time to write and edit the books.

  2. I also did the same thing, I created a Bucket List on my page! I also want to see ‘The Northern Lights’. It would be great to photograph it! I find Bucket Lists very motivating, :)x

    • Yes Rebecca, the photographs would be amazing! I wonder if you need a special camera to take photographs when it is so cold?

  3. Eat a snake? Whoa I wonder how that tastes like. My grandfather used to drink the snake’s blood before as he believes it will make him healthy.

    • I wonder too! Maybe it just tastes like chicken!! Drinking it’s blood is completely gross though! lol

    • I think Disneyland is an easy one I’ll be able to achieve. Mt Kinabalu could take a bit of preparation. I hope you manage to climb it too!

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