Today’s pick me up!

I was feeling really tired this morning after helping out at our local netball carnival and doing some school shopping for the kids. All day I had been thinking about what I have to get finished before we travel to the USA. I also wanted to do another post on this site but wasn’t really feeling like it.

When I got home I made myself sit down and have a look at the site to get ready to do a post. To my surprise what I found was my very first comment. And left by none other than Serena Star-Leonard whose book just happens to be beside my bed right now! What an awesome surprise! Thank you Serena – this was just what I needed to get me back on track. I’ve managed to clean out the entire craft room this afternoon and made a give away pile, a junk pile and a “to sell” pile!!

AND this little ramble counts as a post so all goals met for today!!

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