To Cruise Or Not To Cruise To Florida Via Norwegian Cruiselines?

Not the ship to Florida!

When we first left on this trip we made a list of goals.  One of the items on that list was to take a cruise of at least 3 nights!

So far we have failed on this front.  And we are still bummed that we didn’t get to cruise Alaska.  But today I was sniffing around the internet and found a repositioning cruise from Denmark to Florida for US$399 each!  Yep – US$399 each for 14 days cruising with a stopover in Portugal!  It leaves Copenhagen 30 September.

Really it’s kinda perfect!!

I had a bit more of a look around and ended up spending two hours looking at all the cruise options!!  There are Disney cruises (SO COOL!!), Nickelodeon cruises, caribbean cruises and a heap of carriers to choose from – Cunard, P&O and Norwegian are just some that come to mind!!

For people that get car sick, bus sick, train sick and sea sick I think a two week cruise kinda adds a little something to our adventure!  Don’t you?

The cruise I have my eye on is a Norwegian cruiseline trip on the Norwegian Sun.  Check out that amazing boat in the link – Kate nearly had a heart attack when I told her about it.  She’s desperate to cruise!! You can see by the Norwegian website that their boats are so much better than these ones……

Boats that aren't the Norwegian Sun!!

After I wasted all that time dreaming of an all inclusive two weeks I got to thinking where exactly we would stay if we found ourselves in Florida unexpectedly.

Shockingly I checked our visas also.  We will be arriving in Florida on the exact day we are allowed back into the country after 3 months away!!  Can anyone say PERFECT TIMING?!?!?!

Remember we didn’t plan to go back to the U.S. on this trip?   We were $6000 over our budget in North America and we are still smarting over that!  Florida is a tourist destination so I figured it would kill our budget a little bit more to go there.

I think I was wrong!  I had a bit of a look around on today and was pleasantly surprised!  And a little excited that we might just be able to pull it off!!

The cheapest listing I could find for the dates we would need is $55 per night plus service charge!  Hello…..can anyone say BARGAIN!!

If we can find ourselves a cheap flight out of Florida we may just have a viable option for the next leg of our trip.  And that will be awesome since we are down to a very small amount in our bank account as we wait for our tax returns to come back!!

Of course in the normal tradition of Tracey, I couldn’t stop after I found that cheap accommodation.  Wimdu is a treasure trove of affordable accommodation (and some AMAZING places that we won’t be able to afford this trip!)  I like to have a little dream so I looked further…..

2 hours later I’d looked at cabins, a boat, apartments and camping sites.  There was so much to look at I was starting to drool!  I even started fantasising about going to Italy or Greece!  There are some cool places to stay but I had to get back on track!!

Notice I didn’t give you a link to the cheapest place?  I was saving the amazement to link you to the most expensive one available.  Check out this amazing condo!!  It has 8 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms and can sleep 16!  And it’s only US$9647 per night!!  Click on the link and then click on some of the photos.

I dream about staying in places like this!!

So I’ve worked out that if 16 of us go it will only cost US$602 per night each!

There’s a two night minimum.

Who’s with me?????

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