The Nomadic Family – Online Friends Worth Leaving Your Kid With!

Last time you were here you would have heard about Clark & Monica from becoming our real life friends after we met them online and also why we love our online friends so much!

Today we have the tale of The Nomadic Family.  Gabi, Kobi, Dahnya, Solai and Orazi – oh how we loved meeting them!

We hired an RV to drive from California to Texas and while we were in Texas we decided to buy a car (as you do!)

We had already decided not to drive as far south as Houston.

We aren’t really very good in big cities.  I don’t know why.  We just don’t have the exploring knack unless we can go on foot.  We don’t love museums that much and often the “things to do” list for any given town on the internet includes 6 museums, the local markets, a shopping centre and on one occasion a bakery!

Who writes those stupid lists?  Why would someone who is travelling want to go to the Mall?  Unless they are from another culture.  Or on an actual SHOPPING jaunt!  In which case, great!  Otherwise it’s not high on my list of local attractions!

So Houston was set to get the flick.  But then I saw that Gabi and family were in Houston.  They were hanging with her mum before they started the next part of their journey in SE Asia – the place we had just come from!!  Suddenly it didn’t seem so far!

Gabi and I have talked online for almost a year now – nothing major – just the odd update or comment on each other’s blogs now and then.  She’s a free spirit and I was pretty sure she was completely mad and fun!  All things that add up to a must-meet person!

So we drove on down to Houston!  Visited the NASA Space Centre in the morning and met the Klaf family for lunch about 2pm.

I was so excited!

We arrived at the restaurant first and were waiting inside the glass doors.  As soon as they arrived we knew them – you’ll see from the pics below their kids have the MOST AMAZING HAIR!!

We kinda screamed and there were crazy hugs all round!  My favourite greeting!  Brittney said later and also blogged about how she knew she liked The Nomadic Family immediately – even through the glass!

They are just like that!

So we hung out and had lunch.  Gabi tried to stick to her raw food diet but kept stealing bites of pasta and ice cream off Kobi’s plate!  Funny, funny!

The kids got along famously and ran riot through the restaurant!  Luckily it was a salad bar type set-up, so not too swish!

We had so much fun that we tagged along with them into the city where they were meeting friends of theirs for dinner!

The kids canoed…….

We giggled hysterically when we had to sign a safety disclaimer, they all had to wear life jackets and be supervised….The water was only thigh deep!

Didn’t these people realise all our kids had been riding in the back of trucks without seatbelts?  Walking straight across roads with 10000 cars coming at them?  Eating food from street corners where cats were lounging next to the chopped up chicken?  And basically feeding monkeys, elephants, tigers and every other animal they came across!!  Ahhh…..western safety standards!!

Gabi did Zumba in the park…….

Then we ate…..

When it was time to go home Jono wanted to have a sleepover so we left him and agreed on a place to pick him up the next morning.  Well kinda…….

It didn’t seem wierd at all, even though we’d only met in person a few hours before.  And really – we could always track them down from their blog right?  It’s not like they could HIDE!

Next morning…..we can’t find the park to pick Jono up!  We can’t get them on facebook!   Neither family has a phone!!

By lunch time we give up and go to a restaurant while we wait for a facebook message!  As soon as we order, we get the message (typical!)

We organise to meet at a bank nearby and retrieve our baby!!

Too bad we forget to update facebook so all our friends in Australia think he’s missing for 6 hours!! 


Gabi & Kobi’s friends were apparently amazed that we left Jono after 5 seconds of “knowing” each other!

But anyone who has a chance to meet The Nomadic Family will soon agree…they are well worth leaving your childen with!

Here’s the pic from the park before we abandoned our spawn….

Good of Kobi and Gert to coordinate their shirts for the day huh?

Later in the week I’ll be sharing the VIDEO of Gabi doing Zumba in the park.  She was so enthusiastic!!

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The Nomadic Family – Online Friends Worth Leaving Your Kid With! — 9 Comments

  1. omg, do i love jono! oh and brittney and kate! oh, and gert ! did i forget anyone…… hold on, hold on, hold on…. there was one more…. she had a big mouth, wait. i know this one…. it’s on the tip on my tongue. damn it! it’ll come to me, eventually. GOD we loved hanging out with you guys! a few serious corrections (obviously i’ll need to write a counter post to set the story right here). first of all, you’re not supposed to notice all that shit I stole from Kobi’s plate. officially, i was soooooo raw food. if i didn’t take a plate and i didn’t eat out of plate that was officially mine, and i stole bites of stuff casually, on the sly, it does not count. even if i took like 20 bites. so, get off my back. second of all, you so didn’t show up to pick up the kid. he was crying hysterically, worried that he was abandoned for life while you heartless people went off to eat. ok, actually, he was thrilled to be rid of you and finally able to develop his hebrew- his life-long dream. i have too much to write here so, it is time for a blog post. love you guys to death! oh, tracey. yes, that was her name, tracey…

    oh, and please please please make the pics much bigger. please do. you can’t see any detail just little figures of people.
    gabi klaf recently posted..Question of the Week: Why Did You Choose This Radical Life Style?My Profile

    • Bahahaha…you funny!! I’ve enlarged the last photo for you. You poor old thing – is your eyesight failing? lol

      • and now you’ve gone and told the world about my vision slowly fading away to nothingness. i’m holding up with my toes two magnifying glasses to try and decipher what i’m typing. miss you guys. how is eygpt? you are sooo close to my home. spit towards israel for me ok? or get jono to pee in that direction. i miss israel. and you. gabi

        • So wish we were going to Israel this time. But we would have had to buy another visa to get back into Egypt. Next time huh – you might get to visit there first!

  2. Does Jonno have his own blog yet?

    I’ve got a feeling, he would have the best stories of all!

    What he must get up to, when you guys aren’t around…who knows 😉

  3. Great post! Being on the road for 3months with a now 10mth old baby, I totally get where you are coming from about leaving your kids with people you’ve only just met. It doesn’t take long to get to know someone new and trust them. Thank god there are still decent people out there. I find when they have kids of their own they understand the responsibility, and the need for a bit of time out, a lot better.
    Kylah recently posted..What I Learnt About Climbing Volcán VillarricaMy Profile

    • True Kylah – and I didn’t even have a baby on board!! I think travelling highlights that the decent people far outnumber the rest – we just have to be confident that we’ll find them. Thanks for your comment – I’ve been following along on your trip – your little monkey is so cute!!

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