The cutest monkeys EVER at the Batu Caves, Malaysia!

I promised you a post with monkeys and here it is!!  There’s heaps of pics and also a video that I posted on YouTube!  Unfortunately I forgot not to talk at the start!  The video may not be the best quality – bear with me – it’s my first one!!

If you’ve checked out our 2012 Trip Goals you’ll know that one of the items on the list was to see wild monkeys up close.  Well on Day 3 we took care of that!!

Monkeys are the cutest thing ever, but we are a bit jumpy as we don’t get our rabies shots until we hit Bangkok on 9 Feb.  At the end of the video you’ll hear a little squeal, see Brittney move away and then the video ends.  That would be because a crazy Indian lady had a big bag of bananas that she chose that moment to share with the monkeys.  They went nuts and started fighting over them and we all turned tail and ran!!

Did I mention that I love monkeys?


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