The Best Of Our 2012 Life Changing Year!


I promised you a roundup of the coolest stuff we did on our Life Changing Year adventure of 2012.  I figured we should do a roundup before we start assailing you with the cool stuff we are going to do in 2013!!

So here’s my roundup of the best stuff we did in the best 11 months of our lives!

  • We visited 4 continents (5 if you count Australia where we started and finished!)  We made it to Asia, Africa, North America, Europe and Oz.  What a surprise that was when I realised it!  And what a bummer we didn’t have our yellow fever vaccinations – we would have gone to South America after the US had we had those jabs!!
  • We took over 18,500 photos.  Imagine how long I can torture you with favourite fotos with a haul like that!!  Somehow we managed to fit them all onto the little computer without having to decide which ones would not be backed up to the hard drive!  There’s about a year of scrapbooking waiting for me right there!
  • We ate weird stuff – Durian (eeeek), pigeon, fried crickets, curries that almost burned the skin off our lips.
  • We ate bloody awesome stuff – Pizza (LA & New York), Pho (Vietnam), Falafel (Egypt), Kayalup (green pancakes – Malaysia), Roti (Malaysia), Layer cake (Denmark), Apple cake (Denmark), Danish meatballs (Denmark), Rye bread and toppings (Denmark) – anyone noticing a Danish pattern here!
  • We visited 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  I’m pretty impressed by this number and I’d like to visit a whole heap more!  Some sites are actually whole towns – way cool!
  • We slept in all kind of places:  AirBnb homestays (Malaysia and New York), a 5 star apartment (Las Vegas), hostels (SE Asia and Egypt), The worst hotel on the planet (Thailand), motels (USA and France), tents (Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks and all over the USA), cabins (USA), an RV (nights next to a cemetary and next to a missile base!), online friend’s houses (USA, France, Malaysia), overnight trains (Thailand), sleeper buses with beds (Vietnam, Laos), overnight buses with no beds! (Malaysia), real life friend’s and family (UK, Denmark, Australia), a 100 person tent (Munich).  We even spent half a night sleeping outside in France when we missed check in for our motel!
The Tent, Munich

Could you sleep here?

  • We heard people having “special cuddles” 6 times in our travels!  6 times!  In motel rooms in the USA mostly but once in France at 1000 decibels in the dead of night!  Hilarious and shocking all at once!
  • We mastered squat toilets!  We laugh in the face of porcelain holes in the ground now!  Mwah hah hah!
  • We had clothes made in Vietnam – which promptly fell apart!
  • Brittney crashed a scooter in Vietnam that she was convinced she could drive!  There was a hole in the scooter but she got away with a few scratches and a burn from the exhaust.  Probably because we played an April fools joke on those at home saying Jono was injured and we were coming home.  Karma huh?
  • We rode bicycles in Vietnam.  I did not crash mine!

Have bike will travel in Vietnam!

  • Strange men tried to purchase Kate from us in Egypt.  Camels were the currency of choice although we were offered cats and chickens at various stages!  We didn’t sell but it was close!  Who can resist a million camels?
  • We held snakes and fed monkeys!
  • Jono peed on the bus!
  • I shit my pants in the hostel and on an aeroplane!
  • The whole family was laid out with food poisoning in Cambodia for 4 days.  A week later after we had fully recovered, Gert and I got second degree sunburn eventually requiring special cweam and a hospital visit back in Thailand!
  • We visited 16 countries and 17 US states – Here’s the breakdown of the countries:  Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, North America, France, England, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Singapore!
  • We also either landed in these countries in transit or passed through them in a bus-we aren’t counting them as visited:  Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium.
  • We spent AU$80,000!  Gulp!!
  • We fell for the ‘come to my shop – it’s just down this way’ scam in Egypt and the ‘just hold my overpriced bananas for a photo’ scam in Vietnam.  The kids fell for the ‘I’ll fix your perfectly good shoes’ scam in Vietnam!
  • Brittney cured her fear of flying and her inability to sleep on any type of transport.  She now sleeps on random men – young and old!  Here’s some proof:

Sleeping Beauty in Laos

  • We hit some fun theme parks – Disneyland (LA), California Adventureland (LA), Vinpearl Island (Vietnam), Asterix Parc (France), Malacca Wonderland (Malaysia).  Fun and terror was experienced by all!

Disneyland Butterfly

  • We flew on 12 flights including stop-overs.  Not nearly as many as we thought we would!

I’m sure there’s heaps of other stats I could bore you with but you get the picture!!  I’ve still got so much to write about and I’ll start churning those out really soon!

How much do you think you could fit into one year of travel?

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The Best Of Our 2012 Life Changing Year! — 6 Comments

    • Now now Tiffany there will be no connecting in 2014!! There will be visiting and staying and laughing and comparing notes young lady!!! You’re more than welcome and unless a big blob of money falls into our laps we will be here until 20 January 2015!! So you’ll definitely be in luck! Make sure you check back on the blog occasionally – we literally have dozens of posts coming up about where we stayed! Thanks for the visit!

    • I KNOW Loreena! The first 6 months went relatively slowly. I know because I kept thinking to myself “wow – we’ve still got xxx months left!” But the last 5 flew past in a blur!! Your turn next!

  1. Wow Tracey,

    That’s really unbelievable you guys did all of that in just one year! That’s really cool and boy do you have some experiences behind you all.

    I’m just in awe of you guys and wish that I could do just half of what you did. You’re my heroes!!!

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Stand Out From The RestMy Profile

    • Awww…thanks Adrienne! I can hardly believe it myself sometimes! And once I started to think of all the things we had seen it made me feel a lot better about being home. I was whining because I wasn’t travelling when we’d done more in a year than many people ever do! We will be setting off again in 2015 though! We are confirmed as being bitten by the travel bug! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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