The beach in Penang – The sights you’ll see!!


We’ve only spent a small amount of time on the beach in Penang because it’s not the most glorious piece of water you’ll ever see.  Some of the things we’ve seen sure fit into the plan to have fun and quirky outings during our life changing year!!

Here’s the pics of the kids jet-skiing!

I’m scared of horses.  So they let these vicious beasts onto the beach!!

All this time on the beach beggs the question….if I’m wearing my burka, should I parasail?

And who buried their kid and left him on the beach?  Ummmm….

Today we’re of to Bangkok on the overnight train so you may get a reprieve from our ramblings for a few days!!  Or not.  Will depend on how good that free WiFi is!!!

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The beach in Penang – The sights you’ll see!! — 4 Comments

  1. hi~~ is my pleasure to meet you all on the train…it will be part of my experience during my holiday~~hope to keep contact with you all~~enjoy your trip ~~you got all my wish~~enjoy it~~><

    • Hi There Shen! So excited that you left us a comment and followed us on facebook!! I will post your pic on our site sometime tonight!! It was great to meet you on the train and made the journey go faster for us!!

    • Eek Amber – at least they could just do it with a shovel!! Jono was so excited to go jet skiing, we couldn’t shut him up afterwards!!

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