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HEY!  Thanks so much for commenting on our blog!

You wouldn’t believe how excited we get when new peeps take the precious few minutes to leave us a comment.  Really, a big (huge) thank you from Tracey, Gert, Brittney, Kate & Jono here at Life Changing Year!

We’d love you to stick around and read more of our irreverent stories.  We know the Internet is FULL of blogs that are vying for your attention (and participation through comments).

To make it a bit easier for you to stick with us and not lose us in a dusty corner of the ‘net, we’ve listed a few quick ways you can keep hold of us below!  We’d be thrilled if you would pick at least one so we could have the pleasure of your company again!

Thanks again for letting us know your thoughts.  We love outspoken people and we’d love to hear more of what you have to say so stick around and join in the madness!

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