Technology & Travel – How the world has changed!

Technology.  One of the things I am really thankful for as we prepare to travel overseas for our life changing year adventure!!

I can’t quite comprehend how all of this would have come together without technology.  How would we have researched where we wanted to go?  The Library?  Yikes – no time for that!

What if I couldn’t put the entire guidebook world onto my iPad?  Would we have had to cart a Lonely Planet guidebook for each country we were to visit?  An actual printed and bound copy?  EEK!!

Would we have been brave enough to drag the kids with us if not for technology?  Would I have been convinced of our own ability to teach them things without the easy resource of the internet?  Imagine.  We would have had to cart textbooks and writing materials and actual PAPER!! 

How would I be having all those random conversations I have in cafes and on the beach about my iPad – think of all the opportunities I’d be missing to show off my toy!!

We might have had to use an actual travel agent to make our bookings, instead of jumping online and saving a bundle by booking direct.  That one alone freaks me out!

Which brings me to the real reason for this post………

If it wasn’t for technology, we would never have met all the amazing people we are starting to talk to online!!

Who knew there were so many others that are also travelling with their families?  Why didn’t we know about their stories or realise they were out there?  Imagine our excitement to discover this amazing resource of fabulous people who were either travelling or getting ready to travel!!

It’s only been a few short months but already I’ve forgotten how I met some of these people.  Maybe I asked a question on a website that turned out to be a travelling family.  Maybe I was invited to join a group that these great people were part of.  Possibly we ran across each other on Twitter or Facebook.  All I know is that now we’re friends and it doesn’t matter where that first connection was made!

These people make our whole adventure more worthwhile and a lot more fun.  The thought that we might be able to meet up somewhere in the world is really exciting!  And it’s so wierd that you can be friends with someone that you’ve never met.  I guess our family is probably used to that however!

(For those that don’t know Gert and I originally met on the internet – We used to play backgammon against each other!)

The other thing about meeting new friends around the globe is that it makes it a little easier to be away from our other friends that we are leaving behind!  We probably don’t appreciate quite yet how much we will miss them, but I’m sure that will kick in at some point!  Once again – technology provides us with Skype to save the day!!

Along on the journey with us with be the following gadgets.  You may need to get yourself a hot drink….it’s a long list!

iPad x 3, iPhone x 2, Nokia phone, HTC phone, 4 iPods – plus all their respective chargers.  Then there’s the new Sony camera and the old Kodak camera plus chargers for one and batteries for the other.  We have a video camera, 2 x Nintendo DS’s, games and chargers again.  The new small notebook and the external hard drive, 6 SD cards and various phone sims.  Plus the cases that all of the above reside in!!!

It seems like a bigger list than it is – all of this will be spread between 5 backpacks and 5 daypacks so we probably won’t even notice (!).  I fully expect our Kodak camera to give up the ghost on the road.  It’s in perfectly fine condition but I worry about our ability to give it love on the road – it also uses batteries – a pain in the arse but I’ve stocked up over the last few months so we shouldn’t have to spend any actual cash while it lives on.  The Sony of course will be packed up in it’s cotton wool – no heat, no water……..OHMIGOSH I’m a funny girl!!

So where would everyone else be with technology?  Do you think you would be brave enough to head off for a year if you didn’t have all your gadgets?  Leave us a comment below so we can all share!

This post was meant to be part of a 30 day project being run by  I kind of got sidetracked but now I’m catching up because it was such a good idea and I can’t bear to leave it unfinished!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

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Technology & Travel – How the world has changed! — 4 Comments

  1. I must admit that when I read your list of gadgets I was a little shocked, but then I started counting ours, and realized that we’ll be in the same boat when we leave this fall. I can’t imagine doing it without most of the gadgets, but then I think back to when I backpacked through Europe in the early 90s without a single gadget, other than a camera WITH FILM IN IT! I had a journal to write in, a Let’s Go Europe guidebook, and picked up maps wherever I went. I’m still amazed that my parents let me do it, not knowing where I was for most of the time. Sheesh. This time we can report in real time where we are and what we’re doing, instead of just being lost in the experience. But there was something nice about being lost in the experience, too.

    • OHMIGOSH. FILM?!?!?!? Those were the days! When we were packing up the house I found no less than 4 rolls of used film that had never been developed! You will have experienced it both ways – will be great for you to compare!!! Don’t worry we will regularly be lost – it’s a gift!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how many families are out there traveling? I have made so many online friends since I started blogging and I am so happy to have made those connections. Its like I now have families all over the world to ask advise from! And it will be so cool once we start meeting some of them! I love how technology has made our world so small and connected us so much 🙂
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