Stand Up Paddle Boarding Was So Much Fun. So Why Can’t We Move Our Legs Today?

When we arrived in Tahoe, Monica suggested that us girls should attend a Stand Up Paddle Boarding night the next day. It was ladies night and I happily agreed, having no idea what I was getting into.

How hard could it be? I’ve paddle boarded at home – though not standing up!!

Being the kind person I am, I informed Kate that she would be coming too!! She was thrilled (NOT!)

Then I started thinking about what we were committed to…

Paddling – not a problem.

Getting around in swimmers at 6pm within sight of mountains that still held snow – debatable.

The chance of a dip into freezing cold water – a bit more of an issue!


When we arrived we had a quick lesson on where to put our feet (knees in my case!), how to hold the paddle and change hands, how to turn around etc etc.

Monica was really enthusiastic – probably because she can paddle with Jackson onboard without getting wet!!

Kate turned out to have a knack for it too….

And even I managed to get a bit of speed up….

In fact as we headed up the lake I was starting to get a bit sweaty!! It’s quite hard work to balance and paddle and I’d worn a shirt over my swim shirt to hide the roll of fat I’ve not yet managed to budge!!

Monica is a stand up paddle goddess – Check out her standing abilities…..

She paddled the WHOLE way like this!!

Kate managed, after several attempts to stand up. We don’t have a picture of her but you should all know she’s a terrible showoff!!

Then there was me….

We stopped half way on a beach to have a rest. I was, sadly, unable to stand up!!! My legs had decided paddle boarding was inhumane and were refusing to cooperate! I kind of rolled sideways off the board and staggerred to a rock to sit down.

Everything was shaking like when you find that spot to rub on a dog’s tummy and his legs go crazy!! After a few minutes I was able to feel my feet again and was just about ready to have another go!

This time I decided I would have a go at standing up.

I was unable to do it from the shore so I decided I would stop next to a jetty and try to drag myself up!!

Bloody awesome plan!!

Until I actually tried it!!

Turns out when you try to hang onto something and pull yourself up you will go one way and the board will shoot off in another direction.

This I discovered as I was unceremoniously dumped into the water! The freezing cold water of Lake Tahoe (did I mention the snow runoff goes into this lake?)

Luckily the water was only just over waist deep and I was able to clamour back onto my board! I retrieved my paddle and decided I’d stick with paddling on my knees!

Kate was giggling but the water wasn’t actually too bad since I was hot and sweaty from all the paddling!!

Monica pointed out that since I was already wet I should just keep trying. Great idea Monica!

So it was off to the next jetty to try again. And try I did.

The outcome? Another dunking in the freezing water. As an added bonus I got a nice big litre of lake water up my nose!!

But I managed to keep my sunglasses on – at least I have one ninja skill!! And the board didn’t whack me in the head. All positives!

This time my paddle was stuck on top of the tall jetty and Monica had to rescue it! I could see her eyeing me off to see if I was going to tip her off her board as she got closer to give me my paddle!

Happily she stayed dry!!

And I realised that I was not going to be able to stand up on the board today!

After dragging myself back on twice, and kneeling nearly the whole way, I had zero chance of my legs getting me to a standing position!!

At least I gave it a red hot go!

We headed back the way we had come. And boy did we discover some show offs! Check out this guy and his dog…

Kate stood up all the way back and as we came into view of the beach that would be our salvation a swarm of little tiny bugs were flying just on top of the water.

Kate loves bugs so much that she started jerking around trying to avoid them. And promptly fell into the freezing lake too!

I was so pleased that she got a dunking! It was my turn to laugh at her!

The next day Kate and I were feeling a little sore in the leg department! 24 hours later we were unable to walk without groaning and squeaking. Gert got a good laugh when I tried to roll over in bed and could barely move!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is awesome fun. Lake Tahoe is amazingly clear and even though it’s freezing, it tastes amazing! I kept expecting to see big schools of fish swimming below us!

Thanks so much to Monica for inviting us to go to Ladies Night and also to South Tahoe Standup Paddle for giving us the chance to try it out.

If you get a chance to try out Standup Paddle make sure you give it a go!!

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Was So Much Fun. So Why Can’t We Move Our Legs Today? — 9 Comments

  1. We had our first stand-up paddleboarding experience in Tahoe as well! Fortunately we were lucky enough to go during the warmer months and stay dry! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Oh you stayed dry? You didn’t get to taste the lake then!! You’re a whole heap younger and fitter than I am – I’ve seen those photos in tiny wetsuits with you guys and the giant fish!

  2. This post had me laughing several times. I would not be enthusiastic about being dumped in freezing water, but the stand-up paddling looks like awesome fun! I remember one of my first experiences riding a horse. I could barely move the next day. Who knew that sitting atop an animal doing all the work would actually make me feel like I’d gotten something akin to a fierce kickboxing workout?
    Amberr Meadows recently posted..5 Must Visit Travel Spots Around the WorldMy Profile

    • I still can’t understand how people can be so sore after riding a horse! It’s one of those mysteries of the universe!

  3. Wow! I never even thought of taking my paddle board to Tahoe.. I love it there but havent been there in years. Were your abs sore from your first time paddle boarding? As you now probably know… It’s a killer workout. And yeah I don’t blame you – I wouldn’t want to fall off either and plunge into that freezing cold water… egads! Like the pic of you and your dog too!
    Chris recently posted..Advanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable Paddle Board ReviewMy Profile

    • It’s definitely time for another trip if you haven’t been in years!! If you can actually paddle board it would be awesome! I would have loved to stay out there for longer but my legs were killing me! Strangely I had no pain in my abs!!

  4. I loved your post! I am found 2-3 times a week on south Lake Tahoe paddle boarding with other middle aged housewives! I did get my hubs to give it a shot but after 20 minutes and 5 dips in the lake he quit and spent the rest of the morning on the beach. Good for you and your pals for giving it a whirl!

    • Oh you must have mastered the SUP skill! 2-3 times a week is a huge effort! I feel your hubby’s pain – several dips in the lake had me exhausted! Thanks for your comment!

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