SPOTTO!! More naughtiness!!

Here are the highlights from this week’s Monk Spotto!!

These two were just waiting to be spotto’d!!

Jono asked if he could have a photo with the Monk.  When it was done he produced his own camera and asked me to take his photo with Jono!!  Hilarious!!

These Monks were eating at the temple.  Brittney informs me that the boy Monks then departed, chattering to each other and the girl Monks had to clean up.  You can imagine what I think of that!

And then, my favourite.  This Monk had two mobile phones!!  He was talking on one and the other rang.  So he answered it but he talked into the second one in a different language!!  And one of his phones was an iPhone 4!!  Very juicy!!

And then there was this kid who kept appearing and insisting that HE was a monk!!

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SPOTTO!! More naughtiness!! — 2 Comments

    • Hmmm…they probably have another name!! But the girl monks wear white robes and although respected, are not quite as far up the food chain as the boy monks. They shave their heads just like their male counterparts too!!!

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