Spot the Monk – Pedersen family travel game you should NOT share with your children!!

OK – here comes the confession.

I’m not your regular mum.  Oh.  You knew that already?  Bugger!!

Well, did you know that I let my kids play wierd travel games?  Silly travel games?  Rude travel games that kids should not really be allowed to play?

Ha!  Got you there didn’t I?

Today I’ve decided to explain some of the games we play in the car, on a plane or just walking down the street.  They are not your usual travel games…we have long since become bored with I spy and the number plate game.  (I’m really crap at these as well and they never ever make me laugh!)

Instead we play the insult game.  It goes like this.  You decide who will go first and in which direction in the car the turns will go (you’ll see why we only play this in our car soon!)

The first person insults the second person using a word starting with A.  The second person insults the third person using a word starting with B.  And so on and so forth.  The rules are simple.  No-one can get upset, no matter what they are called and ANY words are allowed.  Even the bad ones!!!  Jono especially likes this game as it is the only time he is allowed to swear.  In light of this the car will erupt with laughter if he gets a particularly good letter – F, C, S etc and then insults you with something like Fat, Cold or Stupid!!!  Such a waste of a good chance to call his sisters a terrible name and he says stupid!  To top it off he usually works it out a couple of turns later and kicks himself!!  Too funny!

We play a similar variation with fruit, vegetables, colours etc.  It gets particularly hard on some letters – Anyone know a fruit starting with X?

On one occasion we were playing fruit and Jono got H.  After many minutes of thinking he announced a fruit called a HABANANA!!!  Hysteria ensued in the car as he insisted his teacher once told the class about this particular fruit!!  This was about 11pm one night on a very long roadtrip…From memory I almost had to pull the car over in the pitch black because I was giggling so much I started to cry!!

Occasionally we will be in the supermarket and one of the girls will turn to Jono and ask him if he can see any habananas!!

Lately we’ve been playing spotto.  We pick an item – whenever you see that item you yell SPOTTO!!!  It’s a bit like seeing a VW and punching people and shouting punch buggy!!  But this way no-one gets punched and I don’t have to umpire any beatings.

In December it was christmas lights.  As the month wore on a car trip would become a steady stream of SPOTTO, SPOTTO, SPOTTO!!  We are all also terrible cheats so once we’ve been down a road a couple of times we will start to yell SPOTTO for lights that are around the corner but we know they are coming up!  Or SPOTTO when we see a church with a lit up cross!  Or SPOTTO when there’s a red or green light on top of a high rise building!  Once Kate even yelled SPOTTO on the bus – then realised where she was and had to explain herself to the bus driver.  Who then shouted SPOTTO as they went around the next corner and saw more lights!!  Too funny!

We make up the rules as we go along so then the kids like to argue over who got which one, if churches count etc etc.  And if we let Jono keep score, there’s a whole new lot of arguing as he only counts his own points!!  (There’s that cheating again!)

Gert attempts to join in these games – he’s not good at the insult game but it adds a whole new element of danger for the kids as they get to insult him while mum laughs along at the horror on his face.  He’s not too sure about that game.

But he sure embraces SPOTTO!!  Mostly he even beats me……!

This whole long explanation leads me to the current game.  Monk spotto!

It’s bad I know, but it’s hilarious!  Especially since it is our secret game!  Every time someone sees a monk they either say SPOTTO loudly or whisper it to whoever is closest!  There’s lots of opportunities in Asia to be the winner of this particular round!  Brittney was mouthing something to me on the ferry the other day and I burst out laughing when I realised she was mouthing SPOTTO!!  She had seen a monk on another boat!

Gert has taken to looking at his photos of Monks on his iPad and trying to claim them!  And there are piles of postcards, paintings and prints with Monks on them – we claim those too but Brittney insists they are not allowed!!!

So now you know my secret shame.  My children are allowed to do bad things all in the name of a giggle and in the hope they don’t get bored while travelling.  But really…my oldest is nearly 19…just how many years can you play I spy before you want to poke your own eyes out??

I can’t wait until we give alms to the monks later this week…..There will, however, need to be a stern lecture the night before so there’s no giggling, whispering and SPOTTO-ing during the event.

And the kids will need to stop doing those things too!!!

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Spot the Monk – Pedersen family travel game you should NOT share with your children!! — 8 Comments

  1. This is just great! I thought there was some thing else that is not good going around but I enjoyed with your blog. Really Really Really Funny!

    • Thanks – it’s definitely the humour that I’m aiming for. Takes the focus away from my bad parenting!

  2. It’s so good to actually have a post that focuses on the funny bone and making people happy, after reading your blog, there was really a smile on my face. Just imagine those people who read your post, I could say that there are a lot who have been happy to visit your site.

  3. Haha I love Spotto! My family and I used to play it in the car, only we say it when we see a yelolw car. I do think it’s a bit degrading of you to say you think all monks are adorable I know you’re being kind but it’s very condescending and monks are proud and strong in their beliefs, they do not take kindly to being referred to as adorable.

    • Ooh. Yellow cars – ill have to remember that for future games!! You’re probably right about the durable tag. I’m glad you recognize that we mean it with the best possible intentions!! For all our flippancy about it we were very careful to be respectful in their presence and us girls were sure to not get too close so we didn’t accidentally touch them. We were super interested to see them going about their daily business! I think you can be adorable when you are strong and proud.

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