Shutdown Bangkok Protests: The Pedersens Might As Well Just Join In Right?

Shutdown Bangkok protestors getting the message out

We are in Bangkok this week and our family game of Spotto is in full swing!  (I’m winning!)

Next week we’ll head off to Vietnam where we plan to ride motorbikes 1800km from South to North.  Unless it’s too hard in which case we’ll sell the bikes and take the bus or train!

Yesterday we wandered off to attempt to visit the floating markets.  It was an epic fail but we did stumble across the Shutdown Bangkok protest march that we were warned not to go near!  So of course we headed straight for it, took photos and video and waved to all the marchers!

They really do want the government to go!

Yingluck get out says a shutdown bangkok protest sign

After being invited by a second lot of marchers to join them we figured “why not” and dived right in to march down the street with them!  We didn’t make it all the way to the end since we’d already seen the start of it all on TV.  The ladies we were marching with told us that last time they protested more than 6 million people showed up.  I feel like there’s 6 million people walking down the street with me most of the time in Bangkok anyway so I didn’t feel the need to try it out for real!

Here’s the ladies that finally talked us into marching in the Shutdown Bangkok Protest.  Of course they needed their photo taken with Jono!

Jono and his shutdown bangkok protest friends!

And check out how amazing this group looked as they came around the corner with all those Thai flags!

Shutdown Bangkok Protestors with loads of Thai flags!

Everyone was smiling and laughing.  They had whistles and those horrible hand clapper things that you wish your kids didn’t get at birthday parties!  Many of them were wearing signs on their hats like this one proclaiming their love for the king.

We love the king!  Bangkok protestors hat.

The Thai people’s love for the king is so cute and really a bit of an amazing feat for the royal family to still be so admired in this day and age.

You can see in this next pic as the marchers turned the corner they had indeed shutdown Bangkok.  The traffic was banked up for blocks and blocks!

Bangkok protestors shut down whole streets

Jono retired to our hostel after this to recover from the shock of joining his first protest march and we continued on to catch a ferry down the river for 50 cents each way!

I do love Bangkok!

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Shutdown Bangkok Protests: The Pedersens Might As Well Just Join In Right? — 10 Comments

    • Oh you’re a cryer! Who knew! I prefer a stationary protest myself rather than a march. I’m too lazy to walk!

    • I was pretty happy too Mel. Jono was a bit apprehensive about going – basically he knows we are very reckless and will go anywhere we shouldn’t!

    • Thanks for dropping by Carol. The love for the kind is indeed a fabulous thing to behold. There are stickers everywhere, even on food stalls, saying how wonderful the king is!

  1. I love the Thai flag — so strong and bold — so I particularly liked your photo of all the flags coming down the street!

    Nothing like travelling during social unrest!

    • Erin it was so striking seeing them all come around the corner. It’s one of my favourite pics of that whole day in Bangkok!

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