Should You Choose a Hostel or a Hotel When Budget Travelling?

Floodwaters in our Sri Lanka Hostel

I planned to write a post today to explain whether you should choose a Hostel or a Hotel when you are travelling on a budget.

I really did….

But I was wasting time on facebook this morning when I should have been writing and I found this really great post from Four Jandals.

So I decided to be a big fat cheater and give you the link right here!  They say everything I would have said (well maybe I would have included some references to my recent desperate use of hostel toilets!)

Besides that, everything you need to know is right here.  So click on the link to their article and see all the differences there are in accommodation when you undertake a long term life on the road.

And just for fun, the picture at the top of this post shows how much water we found ourselves standing in at 1am at our hosel in Sri Lanka at the end of October!

Go on…click the link for Four Jandals!!

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Should You Choose a Hostel or a Hotel When Budget Travelling? — 6 Comments

    • At least you can tell he always wears his shoes right!! Sometimes we aren’t too sure if our feet are dirty or tanned Lisa!

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