Serious Problem With Our New Sony NEX5 Camera. Does Anyone Know How To Fix?

We bought a new camera especially for this life changing year adventure.  We got ourselves a Sony NEX5 which we had been admiring since we visited Vegas in 2010.  It’s the best camera we have owned so far.  We figured if we were going to embark on long term travel, we would have thousands of photographs and they might as well be decent.

We’ve used dozens of the photos in our blog posts and so far have been really happy with the results.

But lately something seems to be happening with the camera.  It’s not all the time, only on select shots.

I’m looking for some advice from anyone who may know what we should do to stop it happening.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Here’s an example of a dodgy one.  Can you see the problem with it?

And here’s another…..

And another….

It doesn’t happen all the time.  In fact I’ve noticed that it was only happening when Kate was using the camera.  Maybe she’s played with a setting?  She assures me she hasn’t but maybe she’s forgotten?  Here’s a whole pile of examples just so you can get a feel for the insidious problem we are dealing with here and how desperate we are to fix it.

Soon it was happening whenever Gert had the camera……

Can you see exactly what’s wrong with the camera from these shots?

I hope by now you realise we are dealing with the selfie!!

That insidious photo where members of our family who obviously care deeply about themselves keep taking bloody self-portraits!!

Now family, do you realise how much memory all these pics take up?  Do you know how much they make me laugh each time I am downloading the photos?

This practice must stop immediately………….NOT!!

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Serious Problem With Our New Sony NEX5 Camera. Does Anyone Know How To Fix? — 8 Comments

  1. Is it a slr or a point n shoot? If its a slr it looks like the issue is just the closeness as it warping the picture and u cant really fix it cuz its the compression of the image if its the sharpness they rnt holding the shutter down to auto focus the image long enuf so the focus wud be out or sum1 has knocked the af/mf switch which is the focus switch auto/manual thats either on the lens itsself or next to it on the camera body if its a point and shoot again id say its just not giving the camera enuf time to focus and the camera being to close it either cant focus or the image is being warped. 😀 knew all that study wud come
    In handy sometime lmao

  2. Hahha!! Doubt it!! Tell them to try to hold camera further away from them nd wait for the focus beep before they take the shot lmao!!

  3. Ohhhhhh….. :/ bahaha my bad, as im a photographer i thought u were complaining about the image proportions but re-reading it now i get it 😛

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