SE Asia Has Ruined America For Me!!

We are in Reno for the next couple of days, enjoying sleeping in comfort (and warmth) at the Grand Sierra Resort.

It’s a welcome change from camping in tents at the KOA, even if it is temporary!

I dropped the girls off to go shopping at an outlet store today.  It gave me a jolt as it felt just like what we do at home.  Driving kids around, making a time to pick them up, mucking around wasting time before going to get them again.

I can’t say I liked it!!  This was not meant to happen during our life changing year!

I was feeling pretty grumpy about it all and then I took Jono down to the pool while we were waiting to get the girls.

He had a lovely swim and I met a really cool guy (David) who was celebrating his 50th birthday with his mum (Mexican Mom) in Reno.  We got talking and they told me where they had been the last couple of days and I told them about what we were doing.

They were super impressed and kept saying what a great adventure, how exciting, how inspiring.

As they were leaving Mom took off the necklace she had made and gave it to me.  Usually I would refuse such a gift but I gave her a big thank-you and popped it around my neck!  Hilariously odd!

When I finally dragged Jono out of the pool and went upstairs I had a bit of a whine to Gert about how I was a bit bored in America – it really is very similar to Australia in so many ways!  There’s not really any challenge to it like there was in Asia.  And it costs a whole pile more than bouncing around SE Asia too!

Can you believe I think SE Asia has ruined America for me?  I’m shocked!

Just talking about it made me feel a bit better though.

Then on the way to pick up the girls Jono started rattling off all the flat pennies he has collected since we’ve been in the states….Disneyland, Tombstone, Roswell, Hollywood, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Jelly Belly Factory, Meteor Crater, Pier 39 etc etc.

When you cram it all together it sounds so exciting!!!  We’ve been to a pile of places in just a month and have enjoyed them all!!

So I’ve asked myself what the hell am I complaining about?  This is everything I wanted it to be………

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SE Asia Has Ruined America For Me!! — 8 Comments

  1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!
    In America, and Australia, we get caught up in what we know. Shopping, Food, Resorts, Malls, etc… In Asia we know nothing. We can’t read anything. Everything is new. We are at the mercy of Asia, we can’t control it. In America we can control what we do and it gets boring.

    Get uncomfortable. America can be a challenge. Go to the places off the map. Hit those national parks and run into some bears – even if you don’t like them. In Asia, you wouldn’t know if you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. You get stuck on a boat for 2-3 days. That can happen in America as well. Go to Yellowstone. Glacier. Wake up to find a herd of deer in your campsite. There is nothing boring about that!

    The tourism of the US can be draining. Don’t get me wrong, we are suckers for it as well. I love the novelty of America, but after a while it is all very much the same.

    Another note. The western US is much bigger and vast. Everything takes longer. Out east there is a lot less driving. Might make a difference.

    Any thoughts on renting an apt for a weeks somewhere? Just settling in for a bit?

    I admire what your doing! It’s a great adventure. Life changing year! Don’t get bored. Just rest a bit, and find your next adventure. I’m curious to see what it will be.

    PS: This has been really fun to watch from my boring living room!
    Justin@GreatFamilyEscape recently posted..The Traveler’s Bucket List: World Travelers Share Their Favorite DestinationsMy Profile

    • Ah but you won’t be in your boring living room much longer will you Justin? Only 7 months to go!! The couple of days in Reno has helped. Pretty sure we won’t end up visiting 49 states but that’s fine with me. Jono rattling off his penny collection sure made me feel better about things! We are going to catch up with Family On Bikes next week so that will be super fun!

  2. I get where you are coming from… we have definitely had those moments and with hindsight have been glad that we went to places in acertain order in some cases, and regretted doing it that way in others. I also think that when you are travelling on a long term basis it becomes a different beast, and when you have a few of you to please too it’s inevitable that you get some days where one of you is craving a little down tome while the other wants to go and do something crazy. Go and have an adventure, find something different to do while the others are having their ‘glimpse of normality’ time and hopefully by the end of it you will all be ready for the next thing 🙂

    • There is definitely a certain order to how countries should be visited I think!! Maybe I need to teach the family how to play well on their own instead of needing me for every turn!

    • That’s great Paige! Asia was the place we were scared to go and it turned out to be an amazing adventure! You’ll have a great time!

    • Amber it’s so nice to be happy being exactly where you are. Imagine if you were dying to escape!! I’ve been looking at some photos of Georgia online and it looks beautiful.

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