RTW Goals for 2012


Easy to set.

Harder to focus on.

Without focus impossible to achieve.

We’ve set ourselves some goals for next year.  We haven’t really put much thought into them.  We haven’t thought about why.  They certainly are not S.M.A.R.T goals!!!!!

Normally when you are setting goals you would put some time and effort in.  You would think them through.  You would make a plan and then break it up into smaller steps to help you achieve it.  You would set a deadline so that you know when you are getting close.  You would work out exactly how to climb to the top of your mountain.

For us, not this time.  This time our goals are a list of awesome stuff we’d like to accomplish on our life changing year and nothing more.  They are a list that will inspire us to do things we wouldn’t normally do  – and when presented with an amazing opportunity the reminder of the list will ensure we don’t offer a polite “no thanks” and miss out on great experiences.

If we don’t achieve them all, the world will not end.  No doubt other, even more ridiculous items will appear on the list (let’s face it, the kids haven’t given me their list yet!)

We will strive to achieve what we can.  We’ll tweak the list.  We’ll delete stuff that turns out to be crap!!

This is the best goal list I’ve ever had the pleasure of making.  No pressure to achieve, no requirements to put an income figure on any of the items on the list, no thought of any consequences for lack of achievement of any one item.

Just the thought of fun and adventure and meeting great people for a whole year!!

Click on the link to go to our Trip Goals for 2012 and feel free to leave us a comment if you think there’s something momentous and completely unachieveable we should add to the list!

This post is part of a 30 day project being run by bootsnall.com.  I’ll be posting for the next 30 days based on the subject of the day!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….


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RTW Goals for 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. How do you have a successful year? You have enough successful months.

    How do you have a successful month? You have enough successful week.

    How do you have a week…

    You get the idea!

    We have to think about our goals–and how we’ll achieve them–all the time.

    We’ve been living a family travel lifestyle for a while now. But earlier this year we set a goal to be prepared for an epic 18 month RTW trip 3 years from now.

    We set that goal 6 months ago. And yet I noticed about a week ago that although 6 months had passed I was still referring to the RTW trip we were going to take in 3 years.

    Why wasn’t I saying “two and a half years” ?

    We decided that we needed to come up with some measurable goals and milestones along the way. I don’t want to just talk about that trip. I want to work toward it (while enjoying our family travel lifestyle now).
    Clark Vandeventer recently posted..The 4 Elements that Make an Awesome TripMy Profile

    • Hey Clark. Thanks for the comment! You are so right. This is one of the main reasons we picked a time of mid January. I’m old enough (!) tvenave seen so many people talking about “someday” and “when the time is right”. I knew if we didn’t choose a not-negotiable time for leaving that we would find many reasons not to go. The main one would be cash. If the goal could be moved it wouldn’t have mattered if we had that extra meal out or bought those awesome shoes – we would just stay another 6 months and keep on earning. So we picked a date of mid January and it’s not negotiable and whatever is not ready by that time will just have to not get done!!!

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